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    Thread: definately applying for Adelaide!!

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      definately applying for Adelaide!!

      Hi all, after a few months of being undecided we have finally both agreed Adelaide is the best option for us. My husband works with people who are victims or perpitrators of anti social behaviour or need help with housing or benefits etc so hopefully he,ll find some work. last time i posted about finding friends lots of people replied, so thankyou very much its made us feel much better. Were putting in our app for state sponsorship in July so fingers crossed! look forward to meeting you all hopefully next year x

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      The people here are really friendly.
      Your husband should find work in that line. Maybe others can add to that?
      Some of our local suburbs are 25 % British.
      Good luck with your application.
      You will get some great advice and support from members on this site.
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      Great News!
      It can be quite a big decision to make, but you have to just go for these things.. the job situation is different for everyone, but whatever happens, you will always have support here!

      Have you started applying for your visa yet?
      Is it just you and your OH, or do you have more family going with you?

      We were a bit worried about moving out there, as it's just me and my other half and we don't know anyone out there.. but that will all change once we start settling in, I'm sure!

      Best of luck with the visa process and ify you need any help along the way, just shout.


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      thanks guys!

      were just starting to gather all our bits and pieces of evidence together now. theres us and the 2 kids, we just want to get out there and give our best shot! i cant believe how friendly evry1 on here has been already, its going to be fab once were there, cant wait!

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      Thats half the battle making the decision then comes all the paperwork
      Like Lisa said the work situation seems to be different for everyone.
      Were waiting for Medicals to be Finalised and hoping to go in Jan all being well, theres only myself and Tom and we don't know anyone. Will be an adventure and can't wait.

      Good luck and if we can be any help let me know but people have been great on here and you get a reply almost straight away.

      Jo and Tom x

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      The Pottertons
      Congrats on the decision..its so exciting isnt when you finally decide???!! We are just putting the visa paperwork together and should have it sent by the end of the week. Cant wait for the relief of the paperwork being done!!!!! Glad you've found PIA so helpful. We certainly have! Good Luck with everything:v_SPIN: Yvonne x
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      Hi Lisajonesey,

      Wow, you will be here in just over a week, just a reminder that June is the start of winter here, don't let the cooler weather put a damper on your arrival. Hope your flight over is good and that the sun is shinning the day you arrive. Where about are you going to first? Have you jobs to come to? Summers are always hot in South Australia something to look forward too.


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