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    Thread: we have movement!!!

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      we have movement!!!

      Well it actually looks like someone has looked at our application,
      Checked Diac tracking today, and over half the required documents now say received instead of required....
      Awaiting the police checks to be returned and had our medicals yesterday, so guess its just a matter of time!! Woo hoo.. Starting to feel a bit nervous now though, can't believe its all coming together!! xx

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      In which case get off the farm and get on with the packing list...... LOL

      Hopefully not to much longer then, good luck...
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      Hi Dawny,

      Congratulations on getting this far. Don't be nervous about coming here. It's a great place to start a new life and bring up your kids. Which area are you thinking of settling in? We live north of Adelaide, in Golden Grove. Great schools in this area, both public and private. Excellent shopping centre and bus service. I've lived here for 39 years, when we first come we went into a migrant hostel, from there into a housing trust home (similar to council house). That was in Ingle Farm and we had no roads done at the time we moved in it was all dirt roads. Sheep came right up to our front door back then, course all that as changed now. We didn't know anyone when we came, and had no rellies here, but now we've all grown up and married and got children and grandchildren. One day you will look back on that and remember the first day you arrived. I'm so glad my parents made the move all those years ago. We are so much better off here. Keep in touch with how you are going with your application.

      Rita (Brummie)
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      Thank you Rita, you have made me feel so much better regarding the big move! The kids are really looking forward to it, They are like a stuck record, (can we go yet) over and over, Oh well time now for us to get round to doing the car boots now etc...Had the magic email this morning confirming the c/o, so i think the nerves are setting in now!! Any more words of wisdom you can throw my way are greatly received and appreciated xx

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      Words of wisdom - breath!

      I remember the process sooo well like it was yesterday and that was over 2 years ago. I remember flapping about everything, this will be wrong, we will fail on that and so on. However, forums are such a great place to ground you and make you aware that everyone else has, or is going through it and reached the goal.

      Good luck, breath, make lists, whatever it takes. Oh and unlike me, when it gets closer you wont' be come obsessed with checking for emails with a grant at stupid O'clock in the morning, which I bet most of us did!

      GOOD LUCK!

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      Latest progress is that application is being processed further and meds have been finalised, with the exception of Ellie who is 11, when the forms were down loaded diac only requested meds for her and no x-ray, she was 10 at the time, turned 11 on the day of the meds, im hoping that its just an over sight by diac, and not that they now require her to have an x-ray, They havn't emailed us or our agent asking for it so fingers crossed all will be fine!!


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