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      My husband and I came out in 2000.
      7 years on and here we are!
      We were back packing back then, so we were slightly in a different frame of mind. But we knew if we ever had kids, Adelaide would be a good place to raise them.
      The only thing I've seen change is the house prices. Back then a 5 bedroom house with pool in Happy Valley was 70,000 GBP! (Our friends were selling it back then)
      If only I'd had a crystal ball...I would have bought it there and then.;)

      Judi x

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      ralph n bev
      I know , Roo 1,
      Ralph has wanted to do this for so long, its been me thats held off on the idea. Our ages are making us do it now, as its now or never!!
      He knows lots of trades that are migrating , but they are going to Perth, we dont fancy it there.
      There isnt a right or wrong answer about reccies, if we didnt have the spare cash, or our parents offer to have the kids , then i'd be even more stressed out about the idea of uprooting everyone and making the right decision for us.
      Some days im so positive , others when , if its nice and sunny here in Britain , i think well its not that bad here. Were in a bit of a bubble where we live , its when we go out of it we think wed be better in Oz.
      Both sets of parents think we are doing the right thing, though they know they will miss us , its just me ," half empty cup woman" , maybe i should change the avatar name !!
      If wed have done it 5 years ago the kids would all have been at school together, but wed have had less equity and savings , but the houses out there would have been a lot cheaper!!
      BUT you cant keep saying but but but.

      Nikki i think you should contact Tony and Guy they may have computer back ups of your training, if youve got invoices from the warehouses etc and proof that youve paid to rent a chair , then the stat dec may be the way to go.
      I know Ralph had to lay it on about the bricklaying side , and proove hes been doing it for the last so many years for at least 20 hours a week.
      The fact that weve got a small building v.a.t.reg l.t.d. comp here made no difference.

      Also when we do get out there for good, he has to get a licence , which means going back to college , while working aswell, before he can do what hes been doing here for over 15 years , running his own building co!!
      If thats what has to be done , then thats what we will do!
      Hope you can sort out everything for your T.R.A. Nikki , as lisa said its the hardest bit!!

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      Thanks for your advice Bev,

      I will do that and also keep pestering them. Fingers crossed as once we have all that info the Visa bit seems pretty easy, i hate having to rely on others for the TRA still will be more than worth it in the end!!:D

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      For those that are doing the Rekki, have you all got children?Is that the main reason?Me and my other half leave the UK in december and neither of us have been before.To be honest a Rekkie hasn't relly entered our heads!But then again we haven't got any children. Thinking about it now if we had a few thousand lying around maybe we would but like everyone else has said i'd rather spend the money out there.I can totally see why people would do a rekkie though.I think we are so committed to moving though that we would make it work out there no matter what.;)

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      ralph n bev
      Hiya Keel,
      Well weve got 3 kids , but we also dont have to go to Adelaide as part of the visa Specification, thats another reason.
      Weve decided Adelaide ticks the boxes on paper for us. So fingers crossed.
      If we didnt have kids, and Adelaide was the only part of Oz we could go to , and if we didnt like our house/town over here , then it might be different. Also if we were not in our 40's that would go a long way to making us feel a bit more reckless ;)

      But its up to the individual in the long run, you either feel the need or you dont.


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      Good points.We have no option but to go to Adelaide as we're joining the police there so its a case of like it or lump it really.A reki would make no difference.I'm 28 so i suppose i could come back,not that i have any intention too though.This country will be unrecognisable in a few years!!


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