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      Bringing Electrical items to Oz

      Hi, I'm new to this forum, I have lived in Australia for 39 years, I've been looking through what people have written. I'm just wondering how new migrants go with all the electrical things they bring with them from the uk. We have different plugs here to the ones in the uk. When we went back for a holiday, the only things we took with us ( hairdryer & mobile phone) that were electrical. I had to buy an adaptor to be able to use it in England. So do you have to buy an adaptor for every article of electrical equiptment you bring with you? Or do you just change all the plugs over.:daydreaming: Just a question I thought I would ask

      Also welcome to all the new arrivals, i've noticed there are a few that have arrived in the last few weeks. Hope it's not too cold for you, but it is our winter. Summer will be here before you know it.
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      Hi Brummie my friend went over in december last year and he took the extension cables with him so all he does is change one plug and the rest fits into the extension, i supose its good for kids tv,xbox and all the stuff they have but no good for things that would be seen eg toaster,kettle as such hope this helps

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      After five years here I think we've just about changed all the plugs eventually - even on the (rarely used and sits in the cupboard most of the time) sandwich toaster! So, yes, we change the plugs over, but it takes a while - and we use adaptors in the meantime!!
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