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    Thread: Check this out - we're in the "Australian" today

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      caz and wayne

      Check this out - we're in the "Australian" today

      Michael Owen | June 04, 2009

      Article from: The Australian
      ONCE an international high-flyer, Carolyn Van Hecke is part of an emerging new aspect of the global financial crisis.
      Mrs Van Hecke, 40, her husband Wayne, 35, and two children Thomas, 10, and Emily, 9, came to Australia from Britain after being lured by a two-year contract with accounting firm KPMG and the promise of a bright future.
      But after four months, without warning, she was marched from the Adelaide office by the company's security guards after her position was made redundant as a result of the economic slowdown.
      She was advised that under the terms of her business-sponsored visa, she and her family had 28 days to leave the country. Mrs Van Hecke, like thousands of accountants and auditors brought to Australia from financial centres in London, New York and Singapore under the Skilled Migrant Program, has been hit hard by the financial crisis and a subsequent sharp fall in demand for her skills.
      After being hired by KPMG through an international recruitment firm, Mrs Van Hecke, a consumption tax specialist for a British accounting firm, and her husband, a firefighter, quit their jobs, sold their house in Bolton, a town in Greater Manchester, and relocated to South Australia.
      They enrolled their children in school and bought a house in southern Adelaide.
      Mrs Van Hecke took up her new $115,000-a-year role as head of KPMG's GST unit in Adelaide on August 4, and after being made redundant on December 4 she said the company "tried to bully us into moving on to a tourist visa, presumably to wash their hands of us and get out of their repatriation obligations".

      "Obviously business is business ... but I am upset that we have been treated this way; the financial and emotional cost to my family is breaking my heart," Ms Van Hecke said.

      She said KPMG had wanted her to help develop its GST business unit, which she had been told had lacked direction for many years.

      "KPMG had jumped at the chance to talk with me because they had struggled for years and years to fill the post," she said.

      "We had a couple of video conferences and they offered me the job. Things are not good in the UK, and I really do not want to go back. We thought Australia would provide a good life for the children, and the opportunity presented itself as a new challenge."

      Although her husband and daughter have since returned to Britain, Ms Van Hecke had been given an extension by the Immigration Department to stay on with her son until June 23, as she tries to sell the family's Adelaide house, which remains on the market. She estimates she is $50,000 out of pocket, and is still seeking promised relocation costs from KPMG. Ms Van Hecke said she had received an $8000 redundancy payment in December.

      "I am an absolute wreck; it is just not what we imagined it would be like," she said.

      "You just want to cry. But we have no choice. We can't stay. I would love to come back one day, despite all that has happened, because Australia feels right for us."

      KPMG's corporate communications co-ordinator, Claire Fitzsimons, said in an emailed statement that the company "does not discuss its employment arrangements in relation to any particular employee".

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      Hi Guys.
      That really is awful what has happened. It's such a shame that you have to return not because you want to but because you are being forced to. Keep fighting for that money they owe it's complete B****cks they haven't even had the decency to give you that.
      I wish you all the best for the future and hope that one day you will return if you decide you still want to.
      Take care and good luck, hope you get the house sale soon.x
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      oh wow - what a story!
      i wouldn't believe it if you hadn't told me that's you it has happened to!

      what an absolute nightmare and what a "%$!!$! company to put you all through this!!!!
      i do hope you come out of this stronger and won't give up!!!

      all the best and i hope you have all the support back home that you deserver!

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      This seems very unfair. At least the company concerned has been "named and shamed" by the media.

      Very best of luck to you.

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      OMG, you must be so angry, that's a terrible way to treat people, hope you get all that's owed to you.

      Good luck with the house sale and hope you get your wish and return to Australia some day.

      Allthe best

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      From one Carolyn to another,
      How shameful of this company to treat you like this. I am amazed that this government allows this to happen to anyone, especially after uprooting yourselves as a family. It is truly disgusting and I hope that this changes. Keep fighting for those relocation costs - you certainly deserve them. I wish you lots of luck for the future and yes, this experience will make you so much stronger.
      All the best,
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      Wow, hard hitting article- glad they have been named and shamed. I hope the wider exposure this gives your situation will help you in a way to get some sort of justice.

      All the best

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      Thats a horrible situation. I hope you manage to get your relocation costs from them. This problem highlights some serious implications regarding moving to Oz.

      Good luck in the future.


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      This is shocking..................but unfortunately this is happening all too often!! The only way you are 'safe' to plan for the long term here in australia is if you arrive on PR status, which is very tricky to get in many cases. We are on a 495 provisional visa and there are alot of people going through hell and back trying to gain PR status even after they have met the criteria!! I am pleased you have named and shamed and I hope they and certain immigration depts take note!! It is all well and good enticing people here by wonderful roadshows crying out for immigrants (and believe me it is a beautiful place), but you cannot mess around with peoples long term futures once they have commited to the move. I wish you and your family all the very best and don't give up on the dream..............

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      TC for short
      Hi Carolyn
      We picked up a copy in Melbourne. See you soon!

      TC et al


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