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    Thread: Creating a website / blog for family and friends - any ideas?

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      Question Creating a website / blog for family and friends - any ideas?

      Hi, We got our 475 visa last month and fly out in August. We're in the middle of setting up a website so that family and friends can keep up with what we're doing - check it out from the link in our signature!

      I'm sure loads of you have done something similar - do you have any sites to share or advice on what else we could include? So far we've cobbled together some basic info and photos of Adelaide, the weather, the time difference, where we'll live and a move blog. Not bad for 2 days work! Next we'll add some photos of us and make it look a bit snazzier.

      I know once we're in Oz, there'll be loads more blog entries, photos and videos to add so we just want to set up the structure first.

      I must stress that we are in no way webmasters - far from it - we've used the step by step idiotproof instructions on googlesites. If you're thinking of setting up a website, it's dead easy I promise!
      Catrin, Matthew and Nate

      Arrived in Adelaide 17/08/09 - Loving life in South Australia!

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      Your blog looks great! We're moving to Adelaide next month and although we will only be there for a year, we want to do something similar for family and friends back in the UK and as a record of our year down under. Glad to hear it's relatively easy to do as I haven't a clue where to start!

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      It's a great idea.

      It passes time for you as well.

      I have a few albums on places like Photobucket.
      My family and friends in the UK can see what we get up to.

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      Hey good luck with your move just wish I could do the same. An idea that I have been toying with for some time now is to find a sight that caters for lost relatives/friends. Maybe you could incorporate something like this on your site? I could be the first to use it after all I and my wife Chris have been trying to locate a dear friend called Marlene Tate and her husband and family who are out there somewhere in Adelaide, so far no success. Hope you h ave a good journey and enjoy your move to Oz.
      Take care

      Harry Hall

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      Hi there

      We also have set up a website (if we're honest, we finally got around to sorting it out a bit, had it for a while...)

      We have our CVs on ours, with links to some of the employers and awarding bodies for qualifications, in the hope this may help in the job hunt!

      We have a few photo albums, and a blog. (The aim being to email all friends when website updated.) Also we have a couple of Widgets so it shows real time weather in our home and in Adelaide. (BTW: this week is the first time in ages we've seen Adelaide nicer than the UK.... Not hard really - my central heating had switched on when I got in from work yesterday - it really was that cold!)

      I'm not the Tech Expert, but it was not hard at all - we got our own domain name and it has loads of capacity for more pages, links, gadgets and so on.

      Really trying to get our site up to date now - we booked our one-way flights last night - Malaysian Airlines, land in Adelaide Oct 1st.

      Let me know if you would like more info. Hope it all goes well for you!


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      not a bad effort...I've just started to put together a website to show off some of the work I have done...mainly for the purpose of trying to get a job out there when I arrive (29th Oct 2009)....at the moment I'll be using facebook for this sort of thing until I get out there and have a little more time...I then intend to expand the website to include my photograhpy and blog, and secure area for family to log into in order to view video's etc....check out what I've done so far (bear in mind that this is just a couple of hours work (and I am no web designer - I am a designer for print though in case anyone knows of someone needing my kind of skills).


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      I've just bought "Mr Site" web design software and it's great! I think it's good for blogging but that wasn't on my checklist when I did my research (my website is for business), you'd have to check that out. I paid $106 and that includes domain name for the year plus web-based email.

      I'm sure there are lots of free options on the www though...
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      Many thanks for the info, I will certainly keep it in mind.


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