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Hey Paul,

A shared container?? did you guys arrange that or the shipping company? Obviously shared = reduced cost?

Hi , The shipping company came out to our house asked us what we wanted to take then said we only needed 1/2 container. We did not bother with bedroom furniture as most houses out here have built in wardrobes , I was gob smacked just how well they packed our contents from a 4 bed det house into 1/2 a container. There are a few things you can't bring ie wicker, sented candles, dirty garden tools , even your shoes have to be mud free. We had a few car boot sales dumped any old clothes to the charity shops. Iv'e just been told we had 40 cu ft and cost us 3000.00. We couldn't make our minds up if we where going to have a container or not , but it's all your personal stuff and yout dvds ect and you can't bring it all with you . Now we are here iam glad we should have our container in the next few days :p