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    Thread: Help me understand oz

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      Moving to Oz what to do

      My parents immigrated here many years ago, I have been in and out of the country living in britain, the us and india. Things have changed over the years ozzies do love to have a go, but most of the time there's nothing malicious about it. They think they are being funny, it works when you're feeling okay, but can be upsetting when you are having a tough time. They even do this when they live overseas themselves, so just learn to ignore it or laugh with them. Adelaide in particular is a city of immigrants, if your next door neighbour hasn't come from elsewhere, you can bet your boots that their parents or grandparents did (no many true ozzies around), it has helped to build a state of workers, most of us working hard because our parents went without for us to get where we have. Adelaide is a small city, very different to Melbourne, I am sure that you will enjoy it and make lots of friends. I have friends you have come over as electricians and they have found work and some even started own businesses which are going well. If however, and I am sure you are, you are worried about the licensing situation, look into it well before you go so that you do not get any surprises. With regards to education my son and wife were here and also my daughter in laws sisters, they did get moved down when returning to the US (but of course that is not britain). They returned to the US and wish that they had stayed here, miss the wonderful lifestyle and the friends and the home that they had here. Would come back but my son has started his own business and now it would be too difficult to move. For what it was worth, they did keep their house here, and we also in turn have kept our home when we have been working elsewhere around the world. We knew that we always had somewhere to go to in an emergency. I believe in the UK you can get a decent rent for properties, if you can afford to rent your house out there and rent a property here for a year until you are sure where you want to settle it could be a good move. It is always good to suss out even suburbs before you make your move to buying a house, and also to check out the schools neighborhoods etcetera. I am sure you will make the right decision, don't let people rain on your parade.


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      Thank you to all the kind replys (even Facebook), it is very lifting.

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      We have been here 6 months now. When we got here we stayed with my aunt for 2 weeks and then got a rental from a family friend..he had plans to knock the house down to rebuild and only let it to us till we bought, the house was falling apart. I took us 3 months to get jobs so we were living off the profit from our house sale at home. The job my husband got is a lot less money than we thought, in fact he has never been on such a low wage in the 10 years in his field, I didn't work at home but am working 3 days a week here for a picture framing company as a Matt cutter. We are here on a temp visa so are not entilted to any family benefit and when we bought our house we did not qualify for the $18000 1st time buyers grant. We are struggling financially and have NO spare money at all.
      Would I go home? Not in a million years!!
      My boys have all settled, they have joined soccer clubs and it cost me in $ what I would have paid in 's at home. We spend every Saturday morning as a family at various Soccer pitchs eating BBQ and supporting the kids. I can do so much with them for free here that I couldn't do at home. They play outside a lot more and are not constantly stuck in fromt of computer games. We can do a lot more as a family here. My O/H told me last week that he has never been happier in his life than he is here.
      We sold our house at home because we couldn't have come otherwise and IMHO it was the best thing for us and I know that when the homesickness kicks in (and its does) I can remind myself that if I wanted to go back it wouldn't be the same life I left anyway. Sometimes I would give anything to go home and see my family and then get on the next plane back here. Things have not been easy but so far the struggle is worth it.
      I think the Australians are lovely people and I honestly think they have an admiration for anyone who is prepared to pack in their lives and move to the other side of the world to start again. They are very friendly and helpful, from shops to government offices, far nicer than those at home.
      As someone else said if you constantly moan about things here and compare it to "back home" then of course the Australians will be annoyed, would you like to hear an immigrant in the UK putting your country down and comparing it to their home country, NO you would tell them to p*** off back where they come from.
      This is a different country with different laws and different ways of doing things, some of which you will love and some you will hate, that's life. This is Australia not the UK with sun.
      Good luck with your decision
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      Me personally have had no problems at all with the ozzies at work, and i too am on less money than the u.k., but as long as you work hard and join in the banter you will get accepted very quickly.Dont beleive than the ozzies are laid back as 90% of the employees at work,work a damn sight harder than the people i used to work with in the u.k. I have only been at the company less than a yr and they have paid for me to do a management course e.t.c. which is really good of them. The wage structure in SA in my type of work is alot less than Melbourne/sydney but i'd rather be here than in the u.k. Me personnelly would give it a go and see what happens,the lifestyle here is alot better than what we had in the u.k. and the kids love it here. As for the schooling my daughter loves school and is doing really well. So i wouldnt change anything.

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      I am an electrical contractor, we employ a few tradesman, including a couple of poms, our 1st year apprentices take home $278:00 after Tax, a bit more than $50:00, I came here over 30 years ago from the UK, I did my apprentiship in the UK.
      Most of the UK sparks I have come across are very good the only reason you have to "retrain" is because we do things a little diffrent here.
      Australian work sites and tradesmen are know for taking the P*** out of everyone and everything, I guess Mr X or was it Y was one of the few poms who spent the whole day going on how good the UK was and how we have no idea on what we are doing etc etc with the right attiude you will have no problems and there is still a lot of work around but it has slowed a little, keep you plans and you won't regret a day when you get here

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      Quote Originally Posted by marty View Post
      Australian work sites and tradesmen are know for taking the P*** out of everyone and everything, I guess Mr X or was it Y was one of the few poms who spent the whole day going on how good the UK was and how we have no idea on what we are doing etc etc with the right attiude you will have no problems

      In my experience so far on oz building sites the comments above are spot on

      I have not come across one "ozzie" on a building site that i have not got on with. Take a bit of stick and give some. Its much better laughing at work. No one wants to actually be there so much better to make it as enjoyable as you can. At the end of the day 90% of "ozzies" are immigrants. I'm a POM and proud of it!!
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      I think that this would make anyone question what they are about to do..!!, but you could speak to anyone and we all know someone who either headed back or is planning to.

      The bottom line is is dosent matter who you are, how much money you come with, how much you earn here..................you either like it or not, its something inside . You WILL have hickups along the way , we all did ,but its the way you attack them that counts.

      Its easy to blame these hickups on Australia as so many do, or how they do things but just because they do things differently......is this wrong...??. Maybe the schooling is a little behind but my 10 and 11 year olds have bloomed in there personalities.
      Some of their teaches are know by their first names, different but is this wrong..??

      The only way to find out is to give it ago, and I agree with the selling the house theory to give it 100% you need to let it go:D

      As for the pommy thing ......B****ocks, everyone here has either emigrated or there parents did they ALL offer support and friendlyness.

      Good luck not that you need it:)
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      We've been in Australia for almost 3 yrs, though only in Adelaide for 2 yrs. The only regret we have is that we moved to melbourne first
      We very nearly went back to the UK after just 6 months in Melbourne, but fortunatly moved to SA first (had to give it 110% and then some), we'd also sold up back in the UK and had little/nothing to go back for.
      obviously everyone is different and Aussie life certainly isn't for everyone, but if you don't try you might spend the rest of you life thinking what if..... and so what if you dont like it, at least you have tried.
      OH suffered terribly with homesickness, and even now gets a pang at the strangest times, he's decided that he needs the closure so is going back for a holiday this year, Hes going on his own though as neither me or the kids want to. :)
      SA has a really nice feel to it, and is a far cry from some of the *bigger* cities, but we love it :)


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