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      Why Do You Want To Leave The Uk?


      It can't just be the pull of the Australian lifestyle, weather, etc. There must be good reasons for you all to want to leave the UK!

      I know initially when we first throught about immigrating the scales tipped in both directions but at one point the scales firmly tipped in australias favour and have not tipped the other way since.

      Is it mainly personal issues, or are international issues also the reason for australia's appeal? We seem to be in the bulls eye of a large dartboard and with the terrorist threats being very close and real (working in London). The scales tipped completely!

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      Our reasons on this would be same as we put in Why we want to go to Australia thread :o

      Life in general in uk was feeling too cramped and grey :( Everything was a bit too politically correct and a lot of hard work Not much for my daughter to look forward too as she grows up.


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      The Francis clan
      Although we've officially left the UK and now live on planet Jersey,where we do have the beaches etc-it's increasingly becoming similar to the UK in it's attitude-and this isn't a Uk bashing-I love and miss London-I just wouldn't want to live there anymore-the same with Jersey,I know we'll miss stuff,but opportunities are very limited here and like the Carters,the more I research Oz,the more I want to go!Even with friends in Adelaide giving us all the pros (and yes,the cons),we can't wait!
      We've even discussed moving back to the Uk from here;with family scattered across it,we'd never be too far from someone;but while we like visiting occasionally,none of us want to return.


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