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    Thread: Flights from Manchester via Singapore to Adelaide

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      Hi again,
      Forgot to mention before we too are on a 457 temporary visa they did ask us when we booked but we still got the 40kgs plus 1 item of hand luggage.
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      i paid just under 500 quid per adult, and just under 420 quid per child 14 months ago, Sing air, direct from manchester, PR visa, ful allowance, booked direct on internet.

      I am led to believe you can get return faires for 1400 dollars at the moment (neighbour told me) if you give enough notice.

      I thought it would be cheaper to travel with the fare wars, and drop in fuel price.
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      Quote Originally Posted by ken&wendy View Post
      We booked on the internet through Opodo. It terrified the life out of me doing that way as I would have much rather used a travel agent, but it was about 700 cheaper on the internet. (for 3 adults (our 12 year old was counted at full fare, and one child). We flew Manchester to Heathrow to Singapore then to Adelaide. British Airways and Quantas

      Temp visa so we only had basic allowance of 23kgs each plus one item of hand luggage.
      Word of advice it you have a UK domestic flight before your international (eg MAN-LHR-ADL) and you are over your baggage allowance the domestic airline are supposed to charge you for your excess baggage on your international flight too. So only pay for the domestic section and pick your bags up at LHR and explain the situation to the international carrier when you check in with them, they may not charge or reduce the price at least. With us they let us off as we just happened to get a nice guy...worth a try at least
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      Hi again,
      Hope they don't try to charge us excess baggage, I don't think they will as all our flights have been booked through Qantas and they are the one's that have put us on this domestic flight from Manchester to LHR, we won't be seeing our luggage again til we get to Oz.
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      Hi all we are hoping to leave uk about the 10th of November 09 spend a bit of time in singapore two to three days then on to Adelaide, four adults and one child.


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      I flew Singapore Airlines (from Heathrow) and I think they were just great! I was only on a working holiday visa when I came out but explained to them that I wasn't coming back to the UK due to migration and they didn't charge me anything for excess (I was nearly a full 20 Kilo over!). The flights were great and the service was outstanding. I have heard of a lot of people getting slugged by the smaller airlines in the uk for evry little bit over the limit so although its a extra treck if you can't fly direct with big airline from Manchester it might work out cheaper to get the train to London/Glasgow!

      Good luck!
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