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      Car Insurance, for 17 yr old

      Our son gets his P plates today and has just bought his first car aka mum and dad's taxiDue to pick it up tomorrow and about to organise insurance. Already done some research with conflicting stories. Trying to find out if it's best to get him his own insurance or register the car through one of us and add him to it, (which we've done on my car). Any advice needed may save me a lot of time later on the phone/online.

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      They acrew no claims if they are named as main drivers on your insurance, be careful some of the policies say 10% of the time drivers are covered free, hence dont need naming on policy. We insure our cars and put the kids as named that way they acrew no claims also.

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      Hannah has her own insurance with Western QBE...found them the most competitve...especially with her sporty little number! Costs her a small fortune...but hey, she chose to get the car she has!!! Her renewal has just come in and her insurance has dropped considerably...amazing how much difference there is between 1 year and 2 years no claims bonus.

      The car is registered in her name....
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