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    Thread: I hate these days....

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      I hate these days....

      I am missing my family today, I hate these days when all I can think about is if we made the right decision coming here. I just end up going over and over the same old things in my head and I never come to a conclusion...

      Just wanted to tell someone!

      Kerry x

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      I know how you feel Kerry, but with us it's not so much missing family as 'can we afford to live here'. At the moment we are in limbo and wish we had a crystal ball!

      Would it help to write something down on paper, pros and cons that type of thing, maybe things might be a bit clearer.

      Hope you feel a bit brighter soon

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      how long have you been here?

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      nearly 10 months x

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      we have been here 11 months and I have developed terrible people sickness miss my friend more than ever. Am glad we are here love it even thoug it is harder financially but Deep down know I have done the right thing normal to have doughts but it hard when you have those days

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      I am feeling it today as well! Also just found out that my brother and his wife are not going to be able to come over for my wedding next year. I guess it's inevitable that I question my choice to move here at times like this because it people you miss and people make those life moments memorable!

      Many folk on here say it gets easier - I really hope it does!
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      I found my birthday hard even though I have family here was missing the thing I used to do for my birthday but then like I keep telling the children we should be grate ful for what we have not what we don't have
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      When we feel like that sometimes out of the blue something nice happens and it makes you realise why you are here, and feel happy.
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      Well I just did a quick pro's and con's list as suggested and it appears it has changed considerably since I last did one, 1 pro and 9 cons, hmmmmm..... everything on paper tells me to go back to the UK yet 10 months on I am still here, there must be a reason I have just yet to discover it!

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      I've been here a long time now.........I still miss my family all day, every day however I now since had children and the thought hasn't even crossed my mind to head back to the UK to live.
      I won't lie, it can get very lonely at Christmas time, birthdays, any special day however I have managed to make some really close friends which makes it a tad easier.
      Seriously try sticking it out over here for a little while longer, you never know what's around the corner.....plus I also think having Poms in Adelaide to discuss your thoughts/feelings is fantastic......I'm realising that there are a lot of people on here that not only want to discuss the sweets and choccies but also the serious emotional side of the emigration here.
      Please feel free to hop on here whenever you feel alone, we're here for you!
      Take care Kerry
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