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      Dance Creations 2000 - You got any comments??

      Having been at a Dance School in the Elizabeth region and just hit the $4500 mark for a so called "hobby" for my 9 year old, it's time to move on!! For those where money isnt an object then its an OK school, for those like us that need to justify this HUGE expenditure towards a Dance Hobby we are struggling with another 6 months of the year to go I can see this figure hitting and exceeding the 5 grand mark!!

      We have just come First 7 times at the recent dance comps but a VERY strong lesson has been learnt by my little dancing star, that it isnt all about coming first in this big world of ours, it is also about being recognised by your teacher for your achievements NOT sworn at becuase you happened to finish the routine just outside the curtain line!! Yes I too am surprised!! Could go on with other incidents that have happened with this Win at all costs attitude!

      Anyway making enquiries about Dance Creations 2000 in Tea Tree Gully, just wondered if anyone had anything good, bad or otherwise to say about the school, seems all good on the outside but as with any school you just dont know what its like till you are actually a part of it!!

      Feel free to PM if you prefer!

      Thanks! :)

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      I vaguey know the lady who runs it. Her daughter goes to School with Danielle and her son went to kindy with Hayley.

      Its seems a very good school, I've had a quick chat with some of the mums today and no-one has heard anything bad about it. she definately seems well organised and I've never heard her swear ;).

      Not much but hope that helps.

      Jo x
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