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      Winter weather

      We cant make our mind up whether to go to Adelaide or Brisbane, the whole point of us moving from this country to another is for the sun. Warm weather is what we areb looking for but will we get it in Adelaide.

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      You will not get the humdity of Brisband here in the summer as it is a drier heat. We arrived late Autumn here and were happy enough in t-shirts. We have had Winter for a couple of months now and temperatures seem to average 11-20 during the days and down to about 5 at night (although does feel colder in aussie houses ) In the summer it can be anything to mid 40's so you still get the warm weather too - nice to have some seasons to break it up a bit.


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      I will second what Lisa said...but personally for me last summer wasnt all that! All I heard from ozzies was "wait till the summer, you wont be able to cope" They said "last year it was 45 for a week" When I looked it up on BOM it wasnt and I dont think it ever has been that hot for a week at a time. What I will say is the lack of humidity is nice and the almost constant blue sky is nice and summer is longer, but I dont think it gets that hot here in Adelaide! I only used the air con 4 times this summer.
      Forget to say in Uk 22deg is a lot warmer than here, it is too cold for the beach here when it is 22!! That I find really weird!

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      summer 06

      Summer 06 was 44 degrees for 4 days if i remember rightly. It was really strange driving to work at 6 am and all the temp gauges were still in the low 30's. Although you don't get this temp all summer it is still mid to high 30's once it kicks in and like you said sarah it lasts alot longer here.:p


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