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    Thread: Finally the application has begun!!

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      Finally the application has begun!!

      At last we have actually began the process of applying for our visa! 3 yrs ago the seed was planted in our head we wanted to move and after a year at college a few thousand pounds wasted and several times of thinking we would never be able to apply (and only because becoz of Gill did we find a way to ensure we could apply!) we have finally just met with our migration agent at overseas emigration in Edinburgh and begun the application, we are so excited!!

      He doesnt forsee any problems with our application and is hopoeful of a years time frame. I have just phoned my mum to tell how we got on and she put on the most unconvincing happy attitude ive heard, i can tell she will of put the phone down and probably started crying and theres a good chance she probably wont speak to us for a week now. My parents have resigned them selves to the fact we are going but refuse to ever visit as they say it is too far to fly. I am totally mixed right now with emotions of total excitment but also total guilt and sadness that i am actually leaving my parents as im an only child and taking their only 2 grand children away i dont think this feeling will ever leave me i feel so selfish right nowx

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      It's not about anyone else but what you feel is right for your family. It will never be easy for those we leave behind but it's not always easy for us when when we reach this end either. We took our kids away from their grandparents and after three years still have guilt attacks but they get less frequent. We too thought, and were told, its too far away but have had lots of visitors over the past three years (grandparents included).

      All the best, what will be will be.

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      Hi Kellyjamie,

      We find ourselves in a similar position. We have elderly parents and they are not in the best of health, therefore when we leave for Oz, and take our two little girls we are pretty sure it may be the last time they see them. Now we have talked about this and therefore realise that when we leave, it may well be the last time we see our own parents.

      My parents have started putting some distance between themselves and our girls / us already. Huge guilt trip and very upsetting for us.

      However, you have to rememeber and don't lose sight of the fact, your immediate family and what is best for you must come first.

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      thankyou both, and your both right i absolutely know that, but i just hate this feeling, i try to put it to the backof my head and hope my mum will give in once were there, bu ti know i have my own family now and i have to do what is right for them x


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