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    Thread: 7 months in adelaide my view

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      Greetings from Marko

      Hi Funny Feet and hubby, sorry to hear of the tough time you have had in S.A., we came out from the UK a while ago now and although things were tough to start with ( 3 kids and neither of us had a job) we found the people welcoming and helpful. I really hope you manage to find a secure job and that the tide turns, hey guys dont give up hope ... the tide will surely turn. All the best, Marko.
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      the dobsons
      hi all

      well weve been here 4 months now and although i wouldnt say i love it i wouldnt say i hate it either. i know deep down it is better than the uk as my two sons have both got apprenterships which they could not get in the uk and even though the weather is ok to us the ozy people are all misirable as it is there winter! so i know it will get better.
      just one tip for anyone in the uk dont watch programs on the tv like wanted down under as it gives you a false idea of the real day to day life try and come for a holiday first and see for yourself.

      good luck

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      Great post, I wish you lots of luck whatever you decide x
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      Just wanted to write something a little possitive from my perspective, we came last november, my husband had been offered a Job and we came on a permanent visa (I know this makes a difference) so work/money worries weren't an issue for him/us, we have three daughters all school age.

      In the Uk I worked in the local hospital as a healthcare assistant for 5 years and had gained many qualifications but when I arrived here and I spoke to several healthcare agencies employers I found my qualifiactions meant for nothing and retraining would cost well over a $1000 (cert 3) after reading on here people advised just get a Job any Job get references it will be the starting lift you need (so to speak) Australian don't easily employ people without references, so thats what I did I started at the bottom, In February I took a cleaning Job with a community healthcare agency there was no training cost the pay and was better than I got for working as a healthcare assistant in a hospital in the Uk (much better) the hours I work are only school hours and someone else covers during school holidays and I have plenty of work, recently I have been offered through the company I work for an opportunity to get qualified in becoming healthcare assistant here (cert 3 & 4) for $530 of course I excepted.

      We have been lucky and having a permanent visa has made a difference for us, I understand you can't live on a cleaners wage, my story is only just mean't to be encouraging, I think we are all amazing to take this biggest leap of faith in our lives some will have better luck than others here, sometime's we just have to (like me) start at the bottom.


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      Hi everyone i would just like to say that i can over here to australia aprox 2 years ago on a working holiday visa. I have met so many people who have given up hope beacuse of lack of work and housing etc!

      All i can say is that you have to look at your location. I mean adelaide is not exactly the most busyest city in AUS for work? especially construction. I have worked in melbourne nearly the whole time i have been here and have not had a drama until a few weeks ago when work started to slow due to the recession!

      Which now has made me relocate to Adelaide for a new sponser and new job! i guess its all luck of the draw! and all about searching no matter where it will take you in Australia!

      One other point i would like to stress is that its all good and well returning back to the Uk, But at this time the way the UK is surly you would be better of in a country which has be nowhere near affected by this whole global ression compared to the UK?

      I wish everyone luck in whatever choices that they make! but think about it very veyr seriously before heading back home! too many people i know have returned and realised it was a massive mistake!

      good luck guys!

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      A couple of my fellow Poms who have recently arrived here asked me to sum it up after my 14months here, and this sums it up perfectly for me........

      `SAME ****, SHINIER BUCKET!!!!!` ;)
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      Quote Originally Posted by lastboyscout View Post
      A couple of my fellow Poms who have recently arrived here asked me to sum it up after my 14months here, and this sums it up perfectly for me........

      `SAME ****, SHINIER BUCKET!!!!!` ;)

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      We are coming over next Sept and although we will hopefully be financially secure for the first 6 months the prospect of not finding work is a worrying factor. We have 2 little girls who will still be in nursery and being on a 475 we will not be entitled to any benefits. We willl rent at first and will not buy a property until we are 100% we are staying. Due to the housing market over here we will probably rent our UK house out for a while and see what happens in Oz. Would hate to find that it's not for us and come back to nothing.
      p.s i take it not many homes have central heating ythen.

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      Hi Mark,
      No central heating here in Aus, just make sure that your rental has both heating and cooling. Can't get my girls out of bed on cold mornings !


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      Hi, we're on a 457 visa and I have to admit although it has been terrifically hard and sometimes soul destroying, with all the downers and obstacles that seem to pop up every single day, we have settled into life here in Adelaide really well. The girls are having the time of their lives and we have made the best friends we have ever had in the short space of 7 months. We have built a beautiful house in Aldinga beach and Rich has just started the most exciting job which he would never get the opportunity to experience in the UK (Helicopter rescue squad). I am a nurse (health visitor) and cannot get work in my field and so have to return to general nursing which is not really in my long term plans, but needs must and hopefully sometime soon a vacancy in child health will come up. We are planning to apply for PR before xmas but we still don't know if Rich's medical qualifications will be accepted fully in Oz. We do however still have a house in the UK (and my OH still has his job at Jimmys there!) so if we don't manage to sell that house or if it all goes belly up with his work then we will have to return to the motherland.
      And although the thought of me having to take my family back home to the UK fills me with dread, I totally understand that you must do what is right for you and your family. I wish you all the luck in the world if you decide to go back, and just remember, that you can only ever regret things that you didn't do, there's no harm in trying and no shame or failure in deciding that a better life for you and your family is back home.
      Good luck x
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