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      Our rental only has air con in the main living/dining area,but the property is new and clinical.We too out a 12 month lease not having experienced an OZ summer.BIG MISTAKE.We are moving out next month,as we couldn't bear the intense heat in the rest of the house house,fans and evap cooling units we bought do not do jack s..t to alleviate the heat.It,s great outdoors of course,with the beaches and sea etc.To any newbies looking for rentals i would advise that they look at making sure the property has all round air con,very,very important,(and heating if possible),and shaded outdoor area,most do,but not all.ATB.

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      It depends how long you have been here, two summers ago we had 14 days above 37 degrees, it was like being on the surface of the sun. I must have turned into a Aussie after 7 years, as the first few years I thought the heat was great now I don't!!

      Entertaining little kids in that heat is not much fun either.

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      I loved the heat! Wouldn't swap for anything! The only thing I have found is that it has made the winter worse because I know how beautiful the summer will be! Roll on 30+ weather!

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      Thanks to everyone,can't wait to experience the heat!!!

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      Geat post. Can't wait to get away from grey!!! which generally is in the UK. Great advise about aircon in rentals.

      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009

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      Quote Originally Posted by Wersal Gummage View Post
      You can keep the y-UK Buddy, I wouldn't swap what we have here for quids.
      Summers are fantastic, it makes people smile.
      Dont worry about it, if you're not ginger You'll Love it.;)
      I'm ginger and love it anyway!!! Bugger off ginga-phobes!(Although I do need to stay out of the sun, slap on sun screen and have a plentiful supply of calomine lotion for the aftermath...)
      Summer is great - 47 degrees last year was a bit warm but it doesn't last for long.
      Just make sure any house you buy or rent has decent air con.. The first house we rented had one, 30 year-old air con unit to cool an entire open-plan house. It doesn't work! We ended up sleeping in the living room thru the hottest 2 weeks of the year just to keep a couple of degrees cooler! Now we have a house with a much better unit. Although, one of the places I work has no air con and we have to close the office on 35+ days in the summer. I think that's pretty unusual though. I work for a charity and we have no money. Most places in Adelaide have air con.



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