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    Thread: Medicals

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      Hi Julia

      Hopefully all will be fine with the MEDs and you will be on your way very soon. Cos we are in the same area and hopefully will be asked to do our MEDS in few months who did you use???? Not sure where you get that info???

      Thanks in advance

      Kimberley x

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      Hi Julia

      Hope all went well with the medicals etc. Hope you didn't get covered in too much wee from the girls!!!!!!!!!!

      Have just got back so will catch up on MSN this week.

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      Well all went well with the medicals on Friday, and were now 590 pound lighter from Meds. Good work for a Doc if they can get it !!!

      Anyway everything was rather friendly and not too embarrasing. The doc did ask to have a feel of the breast and testicals, albeit not on the same person at the same time (:ohaha).

      The doc has asked for some further information from my doc - which I so hope doesnt jeapordise things, but he said better to get the information up front rather than Sydney requesting it at a later date. More delays and more expense, according to Doc.

      I will PM you about details of docs Kiki.;)


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