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    Thread: Recci and Questions

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      Recci and Questions

      Hi everyone,

      We came back from our week long recci in Adelaide last week. I just wanted to share what we found, what emotions we went through and get some feedback if possible.

      We landed on Tuesday 18th and found a nice bright winters day. We then spent 6 days doing all sorts of typical recci things:

      • Looking around all sorts of different suburbs (north, south, hills, coast etc)
      • Meeting Recruitment Consultants
      • Looking round the city
      • Looking at shopping versus UK etc

      I would like to be honest and see if our feelings are normal as I have read many over the top 100% optimistic reports in the past.

      For us the recci was a real eye opener and emotional roller coaster. One minute we were thinking it was the best thing in the world and the next thinking that the grass was a lot less green than we thought.

      It started positive, we thought the city ctr was very nice, shopping on Rundle mall was good and a lot better than many reports on here which were negative about shopping quality, the green areas were lovely and the general atmosphere was great. We spent an afternoon in Glenelg which was also great (eating in the Strand was brill).

      Day two was a low, we found the areas around Norlunga, Raynella (where we had been thinking of living) and other near buy areas pretty rough in places (sorry do not want to offend anyone just our taste was not met hear). We then got a shock at how close the new build houses were together. Also we clearly found out electricals (TV's, Dishwashers, Washing Machines etc) are a chunk more expensive.

      I don't want to go into too much detail as it would take too long, but needless to say each day we went through an emotional chain of "yes this is defo for us and the qaulity of life will be great through too, this is a tad dissappointing". It was an up and down emotional journey.

      We are now at a point where we are ready to make a decision. We ended up very happy with the areas around Seaford (rise, meadows) and Maclaren Vale. We also found houses that would be suitable and schools that sounded good. We are now far more "eyes wide open" in terms of the upsides and downisdes. We think we will proceed but just wanted to know if others went through a similar rollercoaster?

      P.S. We met some friends on day three which was great other than a story that has haunted my wife every since. The wife of our frinds found a brown snake in her lounge about 3 months earlier and the husband got bit by a red back in the same week. That didn't go down well.


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      nurse sue
      we went for a 2 week recce trip to adelaide (then up to gold coast/brisbane/sunshine coast for 2 weeks) about 2 years ago now. we were very much the same ... places we did like then places we didnt. we took the trip as a holiday, with a quick peek around places, so perhaps our thinking wasnt quite the same, but we came back very much wanting to move over there.
      when we do move, we will also be going with the thought that it doesnt have to be forever; im always telling my oh that adelaide has its down sides too, and that if he cant get work it will be crap. he has a large family in adelaide, and has worked hard all his life, so he is seeing the move as at worse, a long holiday, at best a long term move.
      at least you will be going over there with a decent insight into life in adelaide.
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      No problem with being honest - it's what YOU want and need that counts.

      The reality here can be different to what is perceived from the UK.

      I'll not defend nor dismiss the areas mentioned but can I ask - when you say "rough" do you mean tatty or rough people??

      I live up the hill from there in Onkaparinga Hills - suits some but not others.

      Aussies do take some getting to used to at times, they o look and behave differently.I go for a drink in one of the roughest pubs locally - but they are a great bunch once you et to know them.

      It's perfectly normal to change your ideas once you get here.

      At least you have found areas that YOU like.

      You will always get a scare story when new ere - we had most poisonous beasties in the house or have a go at me - I'm still here.

      It's a good post with reality built in.

      As Sue and you say - you are coming in with eyes wide open

      PS - play nicely boys and girls.;)
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      Hi there
      I think what you are going through is normal! I didn't do a reccie before moving and so everything you are thinking and feeling I went through in my first few weeks here - it was really tough because I had read so many great things about moving over and when I got here (on a not so beautiful day!) and drove around reality hit me! I think it's great that there are lots of positive posts on here, but i think your post is a reality for many people. I don't think any place can ever be 100% perfect from the start - it's what you make of it that makes it perfect. I think with anywhere you take the good and great bits, of which I believe Adelaide has a lot, and leave the bits that are less you! In the end the good must have outweighed the bad if you are still considering moving over and atleast when you get here you can hit the ground running with a clear view of your own families likes and dislikes.

      Good luck with it all!
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      For us the recce was a must, we just could not up roots and go blind with 2 small kids. Landed in melbourne and although it was ok we new after 2 days we would not be willing to move to the other side of the world for Melbourne. Drove down to Adelaide with a sunken feeling but as soon as we got there the spirits lifted as it just felt right. Spent the next 2 and a bit weeks driving around viewing houses and getting a feel for the place and although there was no where we disliked we fell in love with Aldinga beech. People emigrate without the recce and it works so good on them but for us it was a must and money well spent.
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      Living In Adelaide Since Jan 2012 And Loving It

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      Don't worry - you are perfectly normal, in fact probably far more sensible than a lot of people for having doubts and recognising and confronting them!

      I well remember when we first arrived, having never been to Adelaide before, seeing all the billboards on the main roads, the huge unsubtle "Want Longer Lasting..." signs, the houses where it seemed you could shake your neighbours hand through the window, the houses seemed so close together... and thinking "What on Earth Have we Done?!!"

      Sounds like you managed to fit a lot of useful stuff into your short stay, and manage not to look on it as a holiday but to really think about what living here would be like.

      It's NOT for everyone, and only you can decide if the plusses outweigh the minusses for your family, but trust me, you do get used to it, find places that tick the majority of your boxes, and start to appreciate the differences after a while - although I still think the american influence is a little strong in places!!

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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Hi there, I just wanted to say that your post was great.
      We love it here in Adelaide and live south in Aldinga Beach (where there are some as the locals like to put it "ferral people" !!!!) when we first arrived 8 months ago, I came with wide open eyes and a vision of living in summer bay. We had done a "reccie" 9 months before we arrived, but not really, the truth was that we came to visit friends for 4 days, fell in love with their life, found a block of land near their new house bought it, Rich got a job offer then went back home!!!! CRAZY!!!! We then endured an agonising 9 months in the UK of bloody hell we are moving to Oz, we had no visa, no money saved up, house to sell, the list goes on..... You gan guess what our parents had to say.......
      Anyway, what i'm trying to say is that when we got here we had a massive culture shock when that holiday feeling had worn off. Everything is different, the people, the shops, the lifestyle. But we have adjusted ourselves and we love it and would find it really hard to go back to the UK now.
      You know, you still have to go to work, come home, make the tea, get the kids in bed and pour a glass of wine 5 days a week and then enjoy the weekend just like you do now, so really it's not that dissimilar to home routine, but the friends we have made here are now our family and we love each and every one of them dearly.
      The choices you make are for you and for what is best for your family, you can only live where you feel comfortable living and your rollercoaster ride is only just beginning.......
      Julia xxx
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      Quote Originally Posted by duncans View Post
      Day two was a low, we found the areas around Norlunga, Raynella (where we had been thinking of living) and other near buy areas pretty rough in places (sorry do not want to offend anyone just our taste was not met hear). We then got a shock at how close the new build houses were together. Also we clearly found out electricals (TV's, Dishwashers, Washing Machines etc) are a chunk more expensive.
      Obviously people have different experiences (I say 'obviously' yet it seems to come as a shock to some when this proves to be the case ...) but I can relate to this view. When we were in the UK, we thought some areas would be ideal based on feedback from users of various sites and what Google had to tell us. When we came here on our recce, most of those places just didn't live up to the picture we'd painted. This, of course, says more about our expectations than the shortcomings of the places themselves.

      For example, to us, Port Noarlunga sounded just ideal, and the only puzzle for me was why everybody didn't live there ... Then when we visited it for the first time, I thought it was awful; scruffy and a real run down feel to the place (with people to match), and there was no way I could imagine moving from one side of the world and choosing there as the destination. Since making the move from the UK, we've visited PN quite a few times and now it's just like any other place; some good to it, some bad. Would I choose to live there? Probably not; because it just doesn't do it for me and I still think it looks fairly rough, but it no longer seems anything like as bad as my first visit suggested.

      The beauty of Adelaide and its surroundings, though, is that there's plenty of different styles to suit different tastes, so don't be shy of striking a place off the list and trying the next one (equally, don't be too proud to revisit a suburb for a second look!)

      Regarding the block sizes, I remember writing something similar on our return from the recce, but bigger blocks are around if you're willing to move that bit further out, are lucky to chance upon one, or have more money to spend!

      Good luck, Jim

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      Thanks to everyone for thier comments. They really are helpful. I very much appreciate the support and others sharing their views. We definitely are still planning to dive in next year when the visa comes through and I am sure we will have many rollercoaster emotions between now and then.

      As I said I did not mean to offend anyone talking about Norlunga and Raynella as rough, but as you asked Tyke.... The area seemed pretty industrial/commercial, many houses looked quite run down and the shopping centre certainly had a fair few ferrals (quality phrase Julia). I found Seaford and Aldinga to be a lot cleaner and houses better kept and having Maclaren vale so close was lovely. But that is just first impressions and our preference. Even managed to find some 650 - 750 sqmtr plots which helped.

      We have been back over a week now and one thing is clear you start looking around your current location more and seeing things you had not seen before. The UK in general seems dirtier, has as many run down areas as we found in Adelaide, crime is rife everywhere (two more murders in London this week) and the summer still hasn't arrived.

      Thanks again to you all and I will let you know as things progress.
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