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    Thread: here at last

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      Hi Carol Ann

      Does not matter if temp or perm. We have an SIR visa and have applied and will find out 4 weeks before departure if we have been successful or not.

      They don't have many propeties to go round so not everybody gets it but worth applying for to start off :D


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      donna T
      I think they have around 50 or so properties throughout Adelaide. We requested near Fulham Gardens and have been gven Novar Gardens for our OAA. We didn;t think we would get it as it is a busy time with festivals and Easter but we were lucky. Definitely worth it as we are being charged $128 per week which is so cheap compared to rented and will give us a great base to look around the different suburbs to see where we wnat to live.

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      family assistance

      Hi Maggie,
      we went to centre link to apply for the family assistance do it straight away as we got $100 more a fortnight while cam was out of work and we got the health card which means you dont pay for the doctors and other things i know you dont pay for the docs as we went three times and cause i had the health card it was free,but you must notify them of changes to your circumstances straight away so as soon as cam got a job we told them and lost the health card and the family assistance dropped to $280 a fortnight which is still more than you get family allowance at home.
      hope that helps

      cheers Hayls
      p.s you have to have a permanent visa

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      Hi Hayley, Glad to hear that you are settling in. We have had our TRA passed and are waiting to go for our medicals. My husband Paul is also a joiner and it's great to hear that yours was offered quite a few jobs. Paul will just have to hold out for the highest paid, I don't want to panic when we are out there and he takes the first offered. It's great to hear about adelaide. Thanks for all your info. Regards, Lorna.


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