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    Thread: Feb 14th

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      Wishing you all the best hopefully I will be in the same position next year with any luck!

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      Wishing you and your family all the best Di, you gave it a good try and you need to be happy too so i hope you find what you are looking for in the Uk, dont ever have regrets just remember the happy memories in Oz, it'll be something to tell your grandchildren xx

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      Removals now booked and confirmed for Feb 8th & 9th and we've been told shipping will be Feb 16th.

      Going to book flights on Thursday for Feb 10th and will be paying the extra to book the seats we want, whats an extra $200. on top of $7,000.? BA couldn't have introduced this option at a better time for us.

      Hubby is staying here, although he can now leave the Air Force at any time having served his initial contract he'd be mad to leave the security of his job not having a job to start in the UK.

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      Good luck on your return , being family, people then home sick myself at the moment i can fully understand what you say . I always said i would give it two years somedays this is eaier than others but it is harder than you can ever imagine so fare play to you life is for living you have had this experience why be miserble an sad have a safe journey home


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      I read this thread with great interest and have to say what a refreshing and honest thread it has been. I leave for Oz in 3 weeks time and I am fully aware that this is a BIG move for the whole family. I know there are people who will be saying that we're making a HUGE mistake in making the move...but I know that if we don't try it then we'll forever be thinking what if.

      I've said right down the line...you could move to another city and it be a disaster...and if it doesn't work out, then there is no shame in coming back home with your head held high knowing that you at least had the guts to give it a damn good try.

      I wish all those the best of luck in their move back to the UK or out to Oz...either way, you have takeing life by the scruff of the neck and given it a shake.

      I'll get off my soapbox now and go and give lady luck a shake as I could do with a little of her magic dust....oh, and a kick up the backside of the exchange rate fairy won't go amiss either.
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