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    Thread: Feb 14th

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      Feb 14th

      Seems like I've been saying I'm go home now forever but at long last we have a date set, Kids and me are flying feb 14th, hubby will be staying but not sure for how long or if he'll ever return to uk.

      5 yrs in Oz is enough for us, actually 6 months was enough but we decided to give it a good go. Australia ain't for everyone I guess.

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      Hope everything is good for the future! :)

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      All the best and good luck with your future.....go back with your held high knowing that you gave it a go...


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      So sorry it hasn't worked out for you. Hope you and your hubby work a date out soon.

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      Hey Di...
      I think it's a really brave thing to do - If you're unhappy, there's no point dragging it out.
      After all, I think most of us are out here to have a better way of life. That isnt always going to work out for some people - either way, at least it has been an experience that you've embrassed, and after 5 years, I say you've given it a damn good go. How do the kids feel? Did they ever settle here?

      Doesn't your hubby want to go back?

      Sounds like there has been some tough decisions, but you're on your way to feel more at home.

      I hope you and your family will be happier back in the UK - and at least you and the kids can say you've tried it.

      Best of luck with sorting out your trip back home.


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      Good luck and I hope you will be happy xxxxxxxx

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      What a tough decision to make for all of you. I hope you will all be much happier next year, whatever happens.
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      For those who don't know I did return to uk last June for a 3 week visit and the second I exited Manchester airport I felt I was home, I felt the uk is where I belonged.

      The girls have never settled here except maybe Cheyenne but she was only 4 yra old when we came here so doesn't really have memories of what life was like before Oz but Tori is now almost 18 and Danni is 22 and niether ever really settled here.

      Seems strange that I'm born and bred in uk, we all hold UK passports and yet because we've been away for 5 yrs I have to take a residential test to prove I have the right to live there, gotta love red tape. lol.

      We'd originally set Nov 28th as our return date, the day after Tori's school formal but hubby got told about a month ago that he's gonna be deployed to the middle east for 4 months from early Oct so I delayed our return to UK untill after he gets bk, he needs to be here to hand the house bk to defence and rather than it sit empty for 3 months while the rent is still being paid for it I decided to stay a bit longer and save a few more dollars.

      I think the main reason none of us settled was when we first moved here
      (it was kinda like another posting to us, hubby left RAF and joined RAAF) we first lived in QLD where the humidity killed us,we lived there for two yrs by which time me and the kids hated Oz, we missed seasons, we missed rain, OMG I can't believe we actually missed rain but we did. We hoped the posting down to SA might change our dislike for Oz but it never happened, guess our minds were already set and no I don't think anything would change our minds. Hubby is the only one that really settled here but his day to day life is very different from mine. In both states I think we've been unfortunate to have had the most un-friendly people in Oz as neighbours, no matter how much I try to speak to them or be friendly they just don't want to know. I know not all aussies are like my neighbours, we've just been unfortunate.

      I'd NEVER tell anyone not to move here just because we've had such a bad experience and I'd hate to think our experience influenced anyone. Our decision to return is our personal decision but I would tell people to make the move with their eyes wide open and not to move here with their minds set that their life will change for the better, you need to move here realistically and understand that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Oz has it's bad points just like the UK but it does also have good points, just like the UK, it may seem like paradise when you look at it online but please keep your mind open.

      I've read so many posts on here from people saying...where are the jobs?, we came here because my trade was needed but there are no jobs, we're struggling to find work....think realistically, you were told SA needed your experience, you were not told Adelaide needed it, SA is a big state, Adelaide is just it's cap city, Adelaide is NOT SA.

      Thaks for all the best wishes.

      I'll climb off my soapbox now.

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      Ooops sorry I didn't mean that post to be so long. lol
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      Just wanted to wish you lots of happiness in the future,and hope it all goes well for you.I returned from SA to the UK years ago and personally never regretted that decision.Best of luck:)


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