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      Hey Julie
      Soz not been intouch but been busy, give us a PM when ya free

      love Leanne xxx

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      Before we moved in to the house we set of Mortein bombs.
      They are fantastic. All hidden insects come out from hiding with their hands up.
      Any that are still in the house are dosy and dont cause problems as you can just glass and card them outside.
      I dont believe in vacuuming them as they are still in the hoover alive so can get out again.

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      We did the same when we moved in our house....thank god for Mortein....for all who dont know it is a pest control spray or bomb depending on which one you use.. we Mortein all round the outside of the house every couple of months and dont get anything inside. It will kill anything that crosses over it.. great stuff!!

      Oh and we have had a couple of white tips in the rental when we first got here, get the odd Huntsman and have had a redback in the garden under some rocks but no problems and the kids know to stay away and be careful when playing out.


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