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      Eddie Sankey

      Drama school and athletics club.

      does anyone know if there are any drama schools or athletics clubs in the Seaford Rise area. I have two kids that are full of energy and need to burn it off. Thanks....

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      Hi there,

      Ours have just started going to an athletics club. This one is held at the Hallett Cove R-12 so don't know if close enough for you. It is part of a larger organisation though so have a look at their website and see if any locations any good for you.

      We have only been one week, but on first impressions, very good and will definately be going back.

      See http://www.salaa.org.au/


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      There are two other little athletics clubs nearer to you, both held on Sunday morning from 9am at Wirreanda High School, Morphett Vale and Reynella East Schools.


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