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      Meet and Greet Service.

      Hi, we have today exchanged contracts on our house and completion 30th October. After alot of stress !!!! We are now trying to arrange flights to leave the UK on the 1st December. Please can you tell me - the meet and greet service, am I right in thinking we contact them to ask for help with accommodation until our container arrives some time in the New Year? Do they have details of furnished properties etc? Do we pay for the Meet & Greet Service? Do we have a choice of properties to go into?

      Any advice please would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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      Congrats on selling the house !BTW.

      Here is the link.


      Bit of a lucky dip if you get accommodation I'm afraid,
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      Stella and Dave
      you may already have the answers off the website, but here goes
      you apply for accomodation, and get confirmation about 3 weeks before you go.(50% of applications are successful, we were lucky)
      you can request areas if you have a preference.
      You pay for the accomodation, not the meet and greeters, they are volunteers and get there expenses covered. the accomodation is basic and reasonably priced, all bills included. we are in the process of looking for longer term accomodation now as our container arrives end of november.
      the housing s.a. guy was very helpful, you sign a contract etc, but he also offered to do a reference for other rentals if we want. good luck, stella

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      karen&Shaun 2009
      My husband and i were able to use the meet & greet services, someone meets you at the airport (Free) takes you to where your staying and to a local supermarket to get supplies, linen etc! very good - then a less jet lagged time they'll go with you to sort out your taxfile number, medicare, bank account etc - that alone would have taken ages for us and was all done & dusted in a morning!! great!

      the accommocation you have no choice and they may not have anything availible! they didn't intially for us then last minute they had something come up - it's government housing and ours was emergency housing......so need say no more... but - we had somewhere to stay while we looked around, had a place to put our heads a plate cup cooking pan etc, kettle iron. You can stay for 12 weeks, the rent is so cheap compared with accomodation, we were there for just over a month - perspective is needed but it was a real help, but needed to move as soon as we could find somewhere, but it did take the pressure off!

      so I would go for it & keep your eyes peeled for somewhere to stay as well!

      good luck

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      agree with everything mentioned above...get the application in early...we did and still didn't get OAA so were left with a slight rush to get somewhere sorted out....got it all done now...got the Meet & Greet though which I am very pleased with as I know that just being shown a few things and chatting to someone who has done it all before will be invaluable....roll on the 9.10am on the 29th when our plane arrives in Adelaide!!!

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      Thank you. A bit scary, we are hoping to fly out about the 1st December. I hope we havent left it to late.


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