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    Thread: The dream of returning is fading for us

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      The dream of returning is fading for us

      Dont know why Im posting this - suppose I`m looking for advice or other ppls opinions, well my story as most of you know is that we emmigrated in 2006 to Adelaide, due to mum-in-law passing away & homesickness we came back in 2007, bought a house intending to stay here forever, but I was kidding myself, I knew deep down Adelaide was right for us & what I was missing here was my familiarity. So house up for sale at a higher price than some in the area nearby due to spending left over profit from previous house on it, so all our cash is wrapped up in this house, so we have a small amount of savings which would actually get us to OZ but not enough to survive without a job asap, so I feel we`re doomed, Im trying to stay positive (i really am) and I know if we dont go within 12 mths we wont go, as our visa`s will be expired, so what do ya do????? give up & stay put & get on with life or keep hoping house will sell???? lifes so tough, my own fault coming back here & getting into this mess!!!!

      thanks for anyone who took the time to read our dilemma


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      Really feel for you we too are trying to sell our house but have till 2012 before our visa runs out.

      Stay positive if its meant to be it will youv'e got a year so theres a good chance you'll get a buyer within that time things are picking up.

      Good luck and keep us posted.
      Derek, Jo, Ben, Sienna, Alba & Phoebe

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      At least your prepared and know its going to be tough at first. You'll know first hand what you need to do and where to get it from .
      So many come out ( including myself) thinking things will all be too easy with rose tinted glasses. Not their fault at all possibly the press, reality tv (wanted down under)Or like me just lack of research.
      Not all turn around and go back but if they do i wish them all the best but you went back for the right reasons and learn't something that was right for YOU !!!
      Good luck.;)
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      Just keep holding on to your dream.
      We've just completed on the sale of our house, it took over a year, but things are getting better.
      On your really down days try and remember the good times you had in Adelaide, they could be just around the corner again.
      Good luck.

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      Thanks everyone, yes I know better than anyone, its not easy, but one thing I do know my kids were better off there than here, believe me! I am up North & things arent very nice at the mo,.my sis asked me every week `why have you brought my neices bk here?`

      Keep the replies coming, keeps me going, thank you everyone


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      Just keep focusing on what you want, it will happen. To us coming to Australia many years ago was just a dream! Now after a few years of knowing what we want we have got it. We now have new dreams to go for, and it will happen. Do everything you can to sell your house, know it will sell and focus on that.Before long you will be back here,so start planning!!

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      Hi Mayjess,
      I really feel for your situation you are in a position that I would dread.We came to Adelaide having had our house on the market for over a year with only 3 viewings and we are thrilled to be finally getting rid it this week. We ended up selling it for a lot (70,000) less than the market value but we knew we'd rather struggle here than hate being there.
      You can always rent that place out to pay the mortgage on it until the property market picks up and come back over here. I know it will be a struggle, but you will be safe in the knowledge that it is a better place for your family and in time things will hopefully settle down to allow the life that you deserve.
      I really hope that things work out for you and will keep everything crossed that you manage to get back.
      All the best
      JC x

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      It's not easy is it? From putting our house on the market to getting on the plane in a couple of weeks time will be 6 months in total, so even if you are lucky enough to get a buyer it's a long process. We put our house on at a realistic price, lower than what we would have got 2 or 3 years ago, otherwise it would still be up for sale now.

      The housing market won't do much now with Christmas approaching but it will pick up in the spring. You always have the option of renting it out, even if it's just for a couple of years, the rental income will help out and once you are established back in Adelaide you can sell the house (hopefully for a better price than now and a better exchange rate). But it all sounds so much easier on paper than it is in practice. Just moving and sorting out years worth of junk is a nightmare!!

      It all depends on how desperately you want to move back to Adelaide, or could you improve your life by moving elsewhere in the UK/Europe, somewhere where you don't have the constrainsts of a visa?? Just a thought. If its bad up north why not try down south? Or France or Spain??

      I wish you well, the housing slump has ruined a lot of things for a lot of people. But maybe with a bit of lateral thinking you might find a way round what seems like like an impossible situation. Good luck.
      Backpacked round Australia 1992. Married Australian husband in Adelaide 1994. Lived in Adelaide 1994-1997. Moved back to UK & lived in Essex/Herts 1997-2009. Returned to Adelaide November 2009. 2 kids dual nationality.

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      I really can't give any wise advise apart from hang on in there.
      Such a shame that you have realised where home is and are trapped.

      It will come I'm sure.


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      hi mayjess, we know what your going through, although we only did a recci to activate our visa,our house still hasnt sold , we cant drop the price any more, like you though we do have time , our visa expires feb 2013,its a shame though as if we would have sold our house straight away, our oldest son would have been moving with us, (he is determined to stay in the uk)

      my advice is dont give up hope, i keep telling myself, things will happen when there meant to

      keep smiling


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