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    Thread: lost me key!!!

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      lost me key!!!

      yes have lost me key to my letterbox doh!
      has anyone lost a key from a rental before? who do you contact and more important how much will it cost
      if any of you know me dont tell david sssshhhhhh!

      thanks guys, sue xxx

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      Hiya the agents should have a spare key give them a call & ask if you can borrow it for getting another copy, I won't tell!!! x let me know how you get on

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      hi , i locked myself out few weeks ago,tried to break in through laundry window with BBQ cleaning tool,broke it so phoned agent they said they have spare key cost $50 deposite which would be returned when key given back,just borrow it then return when you have a copy done !!

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      Sue, you are always losing your keys!!! ;-)

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      Quote Originally Posted by sue2oz View Post
      yes have lost me key to my letterbox doh!
      I can beat that one...months ago we were at the beach and my dozy husband decided to go body boarding wearing his shorts with the car keys in the pocket My poor aunt had to get the spare rental key from the landlord to get the spare car key from the house and drive over an hour to Christies beach. He got some stick about it and serves him right too
      Good luck Sue, promise I won't tell David...us girls have to stick together.


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