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      THIS IS IT arghhhhhh!!!!

      Approaching last weekend in comfy house. Waking up in cold sweats

      OMG what are we doing ?

      Flights booked for 4th Sept to Brisbane. House sold complete 3/9/07

      Dooree Bonner arrive 30th August. No time for parties, don't know whether to laugh or cry. Just feel like time is running away with us


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      Carolynn B
      Surely this is the exciting part!! You should be happy happy happy not aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!! I'd love to be in your shoes!

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      Oh dear an attack of the colly wobbles can be extreamly nasty. I can understand why your nearvouse It is a big step moving all that way I bet it feels like a runaway train at the moment. However its taken you a long time and a lot of planing to get this for and i'm sure you will be fine. My prescription ( as an x nurse so its cosha) is take a deep breath and several glasses of ozzy wine as required!!!!!!.

      Hope you enjoy your last few days here

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      I Know just how you feel - at the moment we seem to be dismatling our lives - Packers coming on the 5th and trying to get rid off a lot of junk! I keep thinking of having to say goodbye to people and then I have to stop as I get too upset. I keep thinking well we have a nice house, life, friends and family here - why are we heading over to the other side of the world to start again? Then i think of the reasons that we started everything in the first place, I must keep focused on that - Will have a glass of wine for you - I do empathise! See you on the other side, will have a drink with you :v_SPIN:


      You only regret the things that you haven't done! good Luck

      Are you headed to Adelaide or Brisbane?

      There are two lasting bequests that we can hope to give our children - one of those is roots: the other is wings!

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      It does seem to run away with you, it is strangest and most wierd thing I have ever done, almost felt like I was watching myself, dont worry you will be able to breath properly once the plane is say, over Germany
      good luck and make the most of the few last days

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      Its warming up over here.....Beautifully! good luck!

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      I agree with all the others.........Just remember why you are doing this huge thing and focus on that...But.. Also enjoy the remaining time you have with your friends and family because once you are here and even though the world is a whole lot smaller with the internet and all..I would be cruel to tell you different... but you really do miss family and friends.
      We have made some really fantastic friends whilst here but a familiar face and someone who truely knows you is worth its weight in gold....me getting emotional
      now:(Boo hoo!!
      It is all worth it though when you get here....honest....sorry didn't mean to get sad then.

      Never live with a "what if"
      Life is for living
      Enjoy!!! Traci

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      Yep we were all over the place in the last few weeks and all over the place again when we got in here

      Things do settle though and it is worth it - take a breath and chill with a bottle of aussie wine and things will look much better (worked for me :o)


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      wow, it's getting closer now ... your new (better) life!!!
      just invite everyone around and let them help you with everything!
      so you get the things done AND can chat to your friends/family :)

      i hope you'll have a very smooth ride over ;)

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      oh my god we are only in the early stages but am panicing all the time about family and friends we will leave behind but i get a grip by thinking about our kids future as this is our real reason for the big move

      good luck with this last week have a save journey
      Debbie and Ste


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