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    Thread: Driving Licence Question

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      Quote Originally Posted by PhilC View Post
      So we arrived about 4 weeks ago and I need to get an Australian driving licence within the first 3 months (we're on a permanent visa). However, the photo on my UK licence is about to expire at the end of November and I have to send them a new photo and my licence or face a 1000 fine if I don't.

      I have heard that I will have to hand over my UK licence when I apply for an Australian one, which will make it rather difficult to send it back to the UK.

      Anyone else caught in this prediciment - if so what did you do?


      I've seen the rego place actually take and destroy UK licences.

      Why do you want an Aussie licence anyway - bound to loose it with that bike you've brought over!!!:p:p

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      Here's the response from DVLA:

      Dear Mr Crick

      Thank you for your email received on 11/11/09. Your email reference number is 160677.

      As you now reside overseas. I regret that we are unable to issue you with a further British licence.

      Changes to British legislation resulting in the implementation of the Second EC Directive on Driving Licences (91/439/EEC) since 1 January 1997, have required that driving licences are granted only to drivers who are resident in this country.

      Please make enquiries with the Licence Issuing Authorities in the country in which you now reside regarding advice on driving there.
      Should you require confirmation of your driving licence details please telephone the centre to request a certificate of entitlement.

      Switchboard telephone number: 01792 782341

      Opening hours - Monday to Friday 8.15am to 4.30pm.

      A fee of 5.00 is charged to cover the cost of issuing a certificate giving licensing details ( a D737 certificate)

      When you telephone the centre you will be asked to provide your full personal details or driver number and details of your credit/debit card number (we accept Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard and Maestro). If the card holder is someone other than yourself we will also need to to speak to them.

      Do not reply to this email. If you wish to contact us again about this response then please use our Reply Form or copy and paste the following URL in to your browser:
      When filling in the form the email reference number 160677 will be required.


      Mrs P White
      Customer Enquiries Group

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      Doesn't your UK licence expire when you're 70? Any way as I thought, the UK lot don't want to know now you're here.

      I got my SA licence at Marion and they made no noises at all about taking my UK licence off me. If your UK licence is about to expire anyway, for whatever reason, you've got to get the SA one in the bag, even if they do take the UK one off you. Obvious, I know. Try Marion and you may walk out with both licences.

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      We have just done ours, they did not take ours either. They looked at it once and that was it. good luck.

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      cornish Busdriver
      Also if you have HGV or PSV its not valid here so you will have to retake your test but its bloody easy compared to the UK

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      11 Years ago when we were posted to Germany I called the DVLA to ask about change of address on my licence, they said I couldn't put my German address on it but I COULD put a UK address on it, they suggested I change the address on my licence to my parents address.

      When we moved here 5 yrs ago I called DVLA again and asked same Question telling them what I'd done previousley when I moved to Germany and they asked if it was possible to use my parents address again? when I said yes it was no problem, they said do it then, so I did.

      DVLA said I couldn't have an overseas address on my licence and although I didn't live at my parents address it was still a contactable address for me if they needed to contact me for any reason.

      (in 13 weeks I'll be able to have my own UK address on my licence again, not that I'm counting the days to my return or anything y'all understand)


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