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      Adelaide Reccie in Feb 2010


      My wife and I have 475 state sponsored visas for South Australia and have a 10 day reccie booked for Adelaide in Feb next yearm we have lived in Sydney 7 years ago on working holiday visas but have never actually been to Adelaide!
      We plan to hire a car and stay in a few different places around and in Adelaide so that we can try and get a real feel for the place in a short space of time.. I was thinking of a couple of nights in Glenelg and then a couple in the city but would really like others advice on places to see and stay and where to go.. I know the danger is that we will treat it as a holiday so it would be good to have a proper itinerary planned prior to going..

      We would like to look at possible areas to live as well so any advice for these would be great.. I have read that Hallett Cove is nice?

      Any advice would be much appreciated!


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      hallet cove is nice :) it depends on what you would like to live close to - city, hills, beach, parks, shopping etc The beach suburbs are really popular and can be more expensive but the general rule is that the further south you go the more you get for your money! :)

      Brighton is lovely, and so is flagstaff hills.....to be honest there are lots of really nice suburbs! My fave is glenelg as its close to the beach and the tram line and there are lots of shops and bars :) Take your time and look around places that suit your needs and you will find the right place easily.

      allie :)


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