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      Fancy a Beer

      Talking Whats the Best Birthday Party you have ever had or been to???

      Just trying to get some ideas for the "big 40" next year, cant get the brain working as to what we want to do, always seems a little harder booking stuff here for some reason, so need inspiring please!! :-)

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      Waheyyyyy I'm 40 next year too.......

      I was thinking of spoling meself to a trip in a shark cage as all my family will be back in England then have a BBQ with new friends :)

      When I was 30 I had a week long celebration that went something like this:

      Surprise family picnic (but we had takeaway indian instead...the other picnicers were well jealous)
      Surprise family meal at chinese restaraunt
      Day out deep sea fishing with me mates
      Day out paintballing with me mates
      Surprise day out with mates quad biking and off road karting
      Surprise Karaoke party/buffet at the pub with family and friends
      Family BBQ

      that should keep you going for a bit...

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      I used it as a good excuse to go to New York and Las Vegas. We'd always said we'd go, but never managed to justify the expense. We hoped to win it back in Vegas, but unfortunately...

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      I had an M party for 90 people at the seacliff hotel....I was Marie Antoinette with full costume and oh was Mozart. We had a limo and had the biggest laugh at everyone's outfits....great fun

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      My Uncle has just had his 40th, A Country Pub Tour - Theme was Famous Couples...... It was great fun...

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      Been to some belters - trouble is I cannot remember them due to the amount of alcohol consumed!!

      Mrs Tyke gave me a day out at the race track here a few years ago......Great fun!!

      Just looked up the web site and it's dead - they might have packed in.

      This is a link to the day out anyway - might be other events going on up at Adelaide Raceway..........


      Adelaide Raceway site................


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      I once wrote and organised a murder mystery for 40 guests. Everyone had to memorise their characters and remember their story. They also had costume prompts....it took 6 months to write and organise but the result was AMAZING!!!! Every guest was fabulously in character and noone guessed the murderer! I posted clues all over the house and garden and had police line tape where I didnt want people to go (my bedroom)
      I'll help you to write one to suit you if thats what you fancy????..........

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      Fancy a Beer
      Some really great ideas but I need MORE as we have done most of those already, did New York, Washington etc few years back and was brilliant!

      When my Hubby was 40 couple of years ago we went to Antigua for a week no kids with 25 other people his best mate tied in getting married while we were all there to, so it was one of the best weeks of my life, not sure I will be able to top that, but gonna try!! :-)

      Tyke we have done the day at the Races a few times they are great days out, (family all lived in Newbury and we lived next to Lingfield in the UK), did a brilliant Murder Mystery party for Hubby in April for his birthday and you are right they are brilliant fun nights, everyone was talking abotu it for weeks after!!

      I really like the M party idea, I was possibly thinking of an S party (First name begins with S??!!)

      More ideas needed please............................. :)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Fancy a Beer View Post

      More ideas needed please............................. :)
      We used to do Smartie parties at work lots - pick a smartie our of a tube and you have to come dressed as that colour.

      Letter parties are definitely fun - always done 'P' for some reason. Did hear of someone who had an alphabet party - everyone picks a letter (From A - Z) out of the hat but does not tell what their letter is. On the day there were prizes for how many correct guesses people got for which letter everyone else was. Needs more advance planning though if guests may change at the last minute.

      Bin bag ball? Make your own outfit (formal) using only bin bags. I've seen some amazing creations.

      Bit pricy maybe, but some weddings I've been to had casinos as the entertainment for those not wanting to dance - all proper cards, tables, croupiers etc, chips provided, no real money changed hands, prizes (gift vouchers) for the person with most chips at the end.

      Also had something where we hired in sumo outfts - inflatable things with an inflatable padded ring for sumo wresting. Never laughed so much in my life!

      Good luck with your plans though!


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      You could always do a parachute


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