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    Thread: What do you wish you'd packed?

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      fishing gear, all the motor bikes, in fact everything. Don't believe the hype, its cold in winter and warm in summer...... but i mean its COLD in winter in the house.

      I think tools are getting cheaper at the moment as are electrical things like TV's etc. WHen we came you struggled to get a plasma under 2K, now you can get them well under 1K.

      The more you bring, the less cost set up you have, if you use it it in the UK then you will use it over here.
      Now for suitcases, those little silly kitchen utensils that you take for granted everyday, pack them!!!!
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      I wish we had bought a really nice outdoor furniture set as they are either horrid and cheap or nice and expensive, bet you could pick a really nice one up in the sale in the UK now its winter there!

      Kitchen utensils.... they seem to be very badly made out here!

      Make-up is much cheaper in the UK, so stock up!

      Good luck with the move x

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      Quote Originally Posted by the4hopes View Post
      I was with my husband, and he's no girl Buying shoes, easy I know what I want
      Wasn't implying your husband is a girl at all, was merely pointing out that us men only take 30 mins to pick the right tool ;) If Tina goes shoe shopping, it takes all day!! then at the end of the day we go back to the first shop we went to and purchase the shoes she tried on first

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      Quote Originally Posted by familygood View Post
      With Bishops Move collecting our boxes (we are only sending over approx 50 cft in boxes) on Friday I was wondering what if anything you guys that are living it had wished you'd packed but didnt.

      I dont mean big things like cars - as we are very limited to space - but any gems would be appreciated.

      bed linen!!!....duvet covers (remember that queen size duvets are more common over here), sheets, etc... i think that all this stuff is quite pricey here

      ange x

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      We will have a 40foot container and apart from big items of furniture, a campervan and beetle it will be empty, so keep in touch and we can sort out anything you would like bringing over, good advise on the garden furniture, i think i will be looking for some now!

      Hopefully be over there next July/August

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      Thanks everyone. We are all done now and had loads more room than we thought so have taken your advice and taken tools, duvets, bedding and baby stuff etc. Hope it all gets there in one piece now!!!
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