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    Thread: a little help !

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      Wes Bloss
      Quote Originally Posted by jonsparx View Post
      Ok, thanks guys....will tell the mrs about the coffee as long as you hide the cakes!!

      Sorry but im still a bit confused about the buying procedure over here,

      1) Whats Rego, I thought it was the same as MOT? Whats the expiry of a Rego?

      2) How does car insurance work? I heard you are automatically insured when you get a Rego but do people need private insurance too, eg fully comp?

      3) How long can I drive on my UK licence before I need to convert it to SA?
      1) rego is registraion on the car, renew it yearly.there are no MOTs here, there is a small chance you could be pulled by the old bill and have your car decommissioned if not roadworthy but if you look at some of the other things driving around you can see you can leave the car a good ole while.
      2) 3rd party is in with your rego, but as already said, it covers flesh not metal, if you follow. stronly rec full comp, for me and the wife it cost $495 total. with swan, but others maybe be better if you have time to shop around. they shoul put you down for max no claims without any proof.
      3) can drive on UK lic for 3 months, but i have heard insur can be more expensive on a uk lic, so go to a licence place and get your licence changed over, theres one one beach road behind NAB. all they need is proof of ID and address, takes 5 mins, easy.

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      Thanks everyone, im very grateful for your help,


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      Hi theses are the tool shops i get all of my supplies from

      Collins Industrial Distributors
      92 Grange Rd
      Welland SA 5007

      (08) 8340 1550

      - collinsid.com.au

      Weber Abrasives & Industrial Supplies

      120/122 Frederick St
      Welland SA 5007

      (08) 8346 9571

      And there is Also General tools but they are way up the top of the city

      hope these help


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