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      Security Deposit release

      Has anyone had a similar situation ?

      I am Letting a property back in the UK & the Tenant has moved out after a 6 month lease & iv'e found out he's painted the walls of the entire flat from Magnolia to Yellow without prior consent !! The Agent just said...." Yeah, he should have asked permission ".

      Now the Letting Agent are awaiting my decision on releasing the bond, & i doubt the bond would cover redecorating. Would the Agent be liable to make up the remaining costs? Or are they liable for nothing?

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      That is disgraceful.I would have thought the Agents should have been more diligent at inspection time.I would lodge an appeal to retain all of the bond.The agents have a governing body also,speak to them.Best of Luck,Sue.

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      I am a letting agent in the Uk - Unfortunately this kind of thing is commonplace. Firstly - yes you can withhold the deposit and if you want you can also sue the tenant for any further expense, however in my experience this is rarely worth the cost or hassle, particularly if you are now in Aus (if you were in the UK I might have suggested raising a small claims action.

      Secondly, you can only claim the agent if you can show they are negligent - As it wasn't them who painted it this may prove difficult (if the tenant says the agent gave them permission and can prove it then you may have a case)

      Hope that helps


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      I'd keep the bond and get the house redocrated. I'd also send them an invoice for the balance if the bond doesn't cover it, if they don't pay up, use this service from the government:


      I sued a recruitment agency for non-payment of services from over here and was successful. You'll have to pay the court fees but they get included in the amount you're claiming for. All you have to do is fill in the (simple) forms online and the court will send out the papers to the defendent, then wait and see what happens. Lets face it no-one wants a CCJ, and they'll find it hard to get another rental place or mortgage if they do have one, so they'd be wise to pay up. From starting the action to having money in my account was about 3 weeks.



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