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      adelaide v perth

      My husband and I are hoping to be in Australia next April but still cant decide where to go.
      Im a nurse and he is a maintanence fitter.
      We have narrowed it down to adelaide but my husband is still not sure. Can anybody give us information on how good Adelaide is, we have no children so dont need to worry about schooling ect.

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      Hi Alison,

      We visited both Perth and Adelaide last Easter. We liked both places very much but decided on Adelaide in the end. It's difficult to explain why we preferred Adelaide but it just felt that little bit more 'homely', for want of a better description. It seemed to have a kind of charm and character that was missing in Perth. It may be that a lot of the Perth area has a 'new' feel to it, whereas Adelaide is a bit more traditional.

      In terms of job opportunities, I felt that perhaps Perth had the edge slightly. I worked as a maintenance fitter for about 13 years although I have been mostly doing drafting/project engineering for the last 12. My wife is a health care assistant.

      It's really down to personal choice and I would happily settle for either place but for us, Adelaide seemed to tick all the boxes.

      Good luck whatever you decide.
      Tom, Gail, Emily & Bradley

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      Hello Alison

      I agree with tommo64, Adelaide definately has more charm than perth but is a much smaller city. I went out to both places in September for a reccie and instantly loved Adelaide from the minute i got there, There is lots of greenery with parks surrounding the city and the coastline is lovely, the city itself, although small is very easy to get around and there is a great indoor market which is open 3 or 4 days a week where you can get all fresh local produce and some nice little bargains. The nightlife and cafe culture there is also great. Perth is very pretty to look at but felt 'soul less' to me and too spread out, plus one thing to bear in mind is although australia is not a cheap place to live, Perth seems even more expensive and is much more isolated ( apparently Jakarta is the nearest major city!!!) so flights to anywhere are more expensive as well, just something you may want to bear in mind!
      I'm personally really pleased i'm going to Adeaide and i'm lucky i have a job to walk into but i really do feel that it is the better more friendly place out of the 2.

      Good luck and let us all know where you decide in the end


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      What suits one may not suit another, so why not leave your options open and when you first arrive, spend a few weeks in Adelaide, then go to Perth for a few weeks, and maybe even Melbourne/Brisbane for a few weeks? Some of the international airlines offer free internal flights as part of a package so might be worth looking at. Alternatively, when you're looking at flight prices, it may work out cheaper to fly for instance into Perth, so book an apartment there for a while and check out the place before flying to Adelaide!

      You really won't know which you like better till you actually get here and try it for yourself - obviously most of us on here are going to say Adelaide's best, but we may just be a little biased! You could try posting the same question if you haven't already done so on Pomsinoz - you may get more variety of answers!
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