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      Going back to UK before obtaining visa

      Hi there

      Was just wondering if anyone could advise us on our situation. We have decided to go back to the UK for family reasons and will need to return feb/mar time. I need to be back in the UK to apply for teaching jobs for the new school year and my eldest is due to start school in September. We have fulfilled our visa requirements and are now waiting for our Class VB Subclass 887 Skilled (Residence) Regional to be granted. Our application is waiting to be allocated to a departmental officer. It would be such a shame after working so hard to get the visa to go back with nothing. Would the visa still be processed if we went back and would it still be valid if for any reason we decided to return. I really can't see us returning after all the upheaval to come her and then return but it would be nice to think we left with something after being here for over 2 years. It is all very difficult as my OH loves it here but I just don't feel the same.

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      I believe you have to be in Oz for the visa to be granted, we had a trip back to the uk planned while we applied for the 887 (PR visa), we were on the SIR495.

      I was told by immigration that I would have 21 days to get back to Australia for the visa to be granted.

      Luckly it was granted before we left for our visit to the uk.

      Fingers crossed it you get it before you go.


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      Thanks for that, It sounds like we would have to be living here to be granted the visa so if we plan to go back Feb/Mar time we would need to be granted the visa before. How long did it take you to be granted your visa? We submitted the application at least 3 months ago and still havn't heard that we have had a case officer appointed. Its not looking good! Also do you know if the visa stays valid for a while if we are living in the UK?

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      If you did it by paper you may be waiting a while. We waited 5 months - friends of mine waited 6 months. My advice would be to ring them and ask if you've got a co - you probably have and its sitting on their desk. Ours was for 2 months!!!! Ask the operator to e-mail the co of your situation. As its a rubber stamping exercise you should then get it pretty quickly.


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