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      Smile Eats roots and leaves

      Thought Id do a bit of weeding before our open inspection, had my day well organised.
      Heard the dogs yapping up the back, theres a huge wombat eating my strawberries!
      Plants & all ....
      Had a closer look & he seemed a bit skinny so captured him & did the 70k round trip to the animal shelter- -apparently he's a perfectly healthy elderly wombat with a taste for berries, theyve seen him before & released him.
      So now we have fussy wildlife with a penchant for drives in the country.
      Evolution has a lot to answer for.

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      Hi Kendra,

      Now thats the sort of wildlife I wouln't mind finding in the garden, my kids would have loved to see that! much better than the 8 legged variety of wildlife. Hope he leaves you some strawberries though!


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      Read that title and wondered what an earth I would be reading

      mmmm think roots has a whole other meaning over here :Randy-git: but nice to see no moderating required!!


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      Yeah, its an old joke over here , dictionary definition of a wombat - Oz animal, eats roots and leaves. Sleazy guys were sometimes referred to as wombats.

      The critter himself was amazingly placid - just occurred to me I should mention Do Not Try This At Home
      They have very sharp teeth & claws, and its usually like trying to wrestle a small truck with chainsaws attached.
      Sooo cute though. Even with strawberries dribbling down his chin. Aaaaw!


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