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      Job Application packs for SA Health vacancies- Help.

      Hi, can you help me please? When I apply for a job with S. A. Health, I download my letter and my Resume. Do I also have to send a hard copy or email enclosing the Job Pack which includes the Pre-Employment Declaration, crimincal convictions etc, employment eligibility visa status, or do I take this document with me completed if I am lucky to get an interview?

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      The only experience I've had with the online process is in relation to admin positions and it didn't used to work that well. I think they preferred you to email the paperwork etc to the contact person. Each area has a different way of processing although they are trying to get it streamlined. If there is a contact person and you have time then email them and ask what they prefer and what needs to be included.

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      Thank you. I will send them personally and see what happens.


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