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      whats on tv

      i know i know i know its very sad and australia is the great outdoors but my daughter[and wife ]are worried that all tv is hi 5 and neighbours h&a or cell block is there sky or cable(this seems to be a deal breaker.Also we are coming out for a year and renting our house out so we are sure its all we think it is and tour a bit anywhere in adelaide to advoid or go cheers heres to march

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      try searching of foxtel should answer your questions. soor I cant remember the web sight

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      Quote Originally Posted by beanie View Post
      i know i know i know its very sad

      If your lives revolve around the tv then maybe Oz is not the place for you. Why would you want to stay indoors when there is a whole new country outside to explore?

      I hear tv in Oz isn't fabby but why would that be a reason not to go? Your daughter will have a much better life out and about making friends and socialising rather than wasting it sitting in front of a tv. :o

      Sorry to sound abrupt and probably not the reply you were hoping for but moving to Oz has loads of pros but also has some cons as well. You've got weigh them up and decide whether the pros are heavier than the cons. Television is such a small con that it isn't worth considering in the greater scheme of things.:)


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      You will find yourself watching the tv in winter here - cold evenings, dark at 5pm and everything pretty much closed by 8pm so nothing else to do It is the land of outdoors but not so much in winter as too flippin cold :(

      Getting warmer now so definitely not in watching the box as much now :D

      Foxtel is the 'equivilant' to sky but nowhere near to half as good for programme choice - must admit though have not seen 1 episode of cell block!!


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      T.V was a big deciding factor for me as well , though i have to say that it was the fact that the t.v is naff out there that made me excited !!
      I like the odd documentary and a bit of reality but my OH and boys watch far too much , so bring on the naff T.V ,I can't wait !!:)

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      thanks for the quick replys im glad tv is junk although pete seems possitive!! it was more the early morning/late evening i was thinking about and it was a very light hearted question heres to march and not working for a year .


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