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    Thread: Water Shortage

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      Water Shortage

      Dear all PIA, Can anyone up-date us on the real issue over the water shortage? We've found various articles on the net but wondered how much of a crisis it really is - I know the Government were talking about supplying bottled water but that was because the river water was too salty!! I know sometimes these things get blown out of proportion so just wondered if it really is an issue to get concerned about. Any response would be greatly appreciated as we are planning a reccie in March and trying to get as many facts beforehand. Thanks, Jane

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      The majority of SA if not all of it rarely have water problems regarding drinking washing water. They do restrict water use from time to time for watering the gardens. The reservoirs are approx 80% full and the desal should be on line by the end of this year.

      The lower lakes suffer, but past lock one on the murray the river has only dropped 1 mtr in 20 years.

      We had a great down pour this week, which helped to fill my water tanks
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