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    Thread: Quick Q!

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      Quick Q!

      Hi folks I have a quick question you experts may be able to answer for me...

      On 'Moving Down Under' they state that around 150 people a day emigrate to Australia for a new way of life, does anyone have any idea what percentage of these people move back to the UK and do not like Australia?

      Im trying to get evidence for my ex husband on why he should allow me to take the kids to Australia for a better way of life. And he thinks Australia is not all its made out to be as so many people return! Please Please help...


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      No definite figures I can find but my guess is up to 30%.?
      Just talking from experience, what I've heard and what I've read on the forums.

      There ya go - quick answer!

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      Oh julie..
      I wish we could help, but people come over for exactly the same reasons you have given ,and some fall into it no problem, some struggle and give it all they've got,some miss family and friends so much its unbearable,some might struggle to get work and find it hard to make ends meet,so there are lots of different reasons people come and go...
      But you have to come and see for yourself, the weather is fab and has been for a while now ,even through winter we had some fab days ,when we arrived...
      The wild life is fantastic, so many places to visit, and so much to do,sport, fishing,cycling,play parks every where for the kids,swimming,bbq are situated all over ,near the beaches, on the parks,lovely people to meet no matter where you are ....on here is a good place to start...
      So hope ive helped a little and can make you see the benefits ov living in oz...
      So good luck in whatever you decide and take care..

      ELAINE xxx
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      i cant remember where i read this but i remember the figures being that 25% return to uk,but then of that 25 % that returned 25% come back again.............a very expensive way to realise that oz is where you wanted to be xxxxx
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      Its going to be a hard battle, Ill spend every penny I can afford to get my children over there. I look out the windown as I type this and its nearly ten in the morning and the sky is dark grey, the kids are with there dad as we speak but what chance do they have of doing anything.

      I know they need there dad but by the time we go they will be 8 and 10 and very capable of communicating as and when they want via email or skype. We've offered him the chance to stay with us whenever he visits, or to move in if he wants to move over permanently until he finds something but he's so set in his ways he enjoys life over here.

      I just dont want my kids going to high school in this country, no offence to the children who do but I was a good child at high school and just knowing what goes on all the time with the majority of children, it scares me my kids would get involved in that sort of thing. I think being in Australia would allow us ot be closer as a family by spending more time together...

      Oh well the fight starts this week as I go to visit my solicitor! :-(


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