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      Adelaide kind of chose us.

      I'm glad it did after living here 7 years.

      I've only visited Melbourne so far and have no idea what Perth is like apart from it is very isolated and property is more expensive.

      Adelaide still has a small town feel to it in parts which is a huge plus for us.:D

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      DiveSamGrevett - apologies for that think it was my post that caused the problem not yours - seems I confirmed what your business partner said anyway though - that suits us though as at least we have the sun here! - seems I just stirred some people up and didn't mean to was just trying to answer the question - Best of luck with your reccie - like I said have fun where ever you choose - Thank you Tyke for bringing it back to the original question :-)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Devon View Post
      Well that told me didn't it! I am so sorry I tried to answer a question (which is more than you did)! I've re-read my post and can see that I actually said Adelaide is great! If you are so touchy Pasha and SA is so much better for you than UK what are you doing there? Soggy you haven't actually answered the question either, would be good to see your answer to the question
      Hi Devon,
      it was just a light hearted reply I could not resist making, hence the use of ;):D.
      I am going on a a sir 495 visa ( I hope ) and so am restricted to regional visa and Adelaide is one of the few larger cities classed as regional, given the choice I dont have, I would not choose Perth as I prefer the climate, less humidity, cooler winters of the South. Although I was dissapointed not to have the choice of living anywhere in Australia at first, the more reserch I have done the more I am convinced that the Adelaide area is the place for me, after 2 years I will be able to move to another state if I want to but am expecting to stay for good. :)

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      Glad that all got back to sensible replies!

      These forums are great. Really helpful. Thanks for all your feedback.

      We are waiting for a case number and so haven't yet booked our police checks or medicals. Been at this since the end of January. It's never ending!! I guess that's one way of proving you're serious.


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