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    Thread: More wildlife!

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      Smile More wildlife!

      I'm thinking of turning Tyke Towers into a wild life park at this rate!!

      Last night as it was getting dark I was doing my usual ritual of taking the bins down to the road with the quad bike.

      As I'm riding back up the hill this fluffy lump was running straight towards me,I thought it was a fat Persian cat or something at first (it was dusk).

      It was only a Koala running at a speed I never imagined they could do.

      I stopped -rang Mrs and Little Tyke to come out and see.

      He went racing up a gum tree by the side of me and settled into a crook of a branch.

      We were all there Ooooing and Ahhhing at him and wishing we had the camera.

      He then suddenly decided to come down very quickly,ran to a few trees ,sniffed them and finally charged up one to sit munching on the uppermost leaves.

      By this time it was almost dark and it looked like he was there for the night.

      Can't see him anywhere this morning.

      That was another "We are in Australia" moment!!!

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      Leanne & Mark
      How cool is that!!!

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      Cant wait for thoes experences, looking forward to seeing the whales at Victor Harbour.
      Cheers Graham

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      ahh, bless - how cute are they. Have not seen one move yet - only reaching for another branch to nibble on in a tree - would love to see one actually walk/run, anything other than eat or sleep. But then I hear that is all they do for about 20 hours of the day!

      I was always under the impression that they were called koala bears, until we moved here and I was quickly informed by an Aussie that they are in fact, just koalas and not bears at all - am I the only one who thought that?



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