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    Thread: 1st Week & Been Stopped by the Police (Driving)

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      From asking advice to bagging cops!! Cops have a very hard job to do, and whilst some people don't believe it, they are human too, with bosses telling how they have to do their jobs!! Sometimes they have a bad day at work, like everyone does!! But try to respect them, if you give them attitude, they will give you ticket, only one winner in that outcome. As for getting a ticket, don't break the law, and you won't get one. I have had 2 speeding tickets in the 3 years I have been here, where previously in UK i had had none. Bitch, moan, complain. No pay the fine and take your punishment. There is no "establishment" out to get you, they are there to do a job, the same as everyone else is, only their have a bloody hard one. Ok, off my soapbox now and my 10c worth. Just getting my flak jacket ready. And the great Aussie saying, dont like the laws, you can always go home!

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      Shaun I have a similar attitude to yours. The Police officer was firm but informative with it, I respected him and his job and did not respond in a negative way. After all he was doing his job. The only thing I got from him is that the feeling of him being bored and wanted to do something that evening as it was 01:30 am in the morning and not one car had passed me thsat evening. I had done nothing wrong therefore nothing to lose.
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