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      Leanne & Mark

      When does it get dark???

      all seasons anyone advise??????????????????:D

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      In Winter it was around 5.30 now it has got to about 6.30 before completely dark. In the summer I think it goes to about 8.30-9 but not experienced it yet :D

      Goes dark very quickly here too - sun starts to set then gone really quick - not like the long drawn out uk dusks :o

      Great sunsets though!!!!


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      Yes and as it is lightest for longest around christmas you dont get the feel of cosy, christmas lit houses.

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      Leanne & Mark
      I Like pretty xmas lights

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      Well if you like like lights you have got to go too Lobethal at christmas!!!!!!
      It`s a cosy quaint town in the hills that is subsidised by etsa to have lights displayed all throughout the town!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It`s so magical/mystical and they have live nativity scenes,markets and so many tour buses going through the town it`s lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Best of all stop at the chocolate factory before you get to lobethal!!YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I LOVE XMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Not cosy? It can be 38 in the shade, how cosy do you need

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      I agree the lights of Lobethal are fantastic -must take the people who live there ages to set them up! Was a great find too as we'd seen an advert for the Riverbank display in Adelaide which looked great until you got there they were very disappointing! After trying to find somewhere to park and eventually standing on the riverbank to take a look a little girl next to me mirrored my thoughts when I heard her say 'mummy what are we supposed to be looking at'!
      Lobethal market is great too - really unusual gifts

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      Quote Originally Posted by kendra View Post
      Not cosy? It can be 38 in the shade, how cosy do you need

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      Quote Originally Posted by Leanne & Mark View Post
      all seasons anyone advise??????????????????:D

      Every night;)


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      Leanne & Mark
      Ha ha cheeky


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