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      Thumbs up 1st week in Adelaide - Our thoughts !!

      Its been one week & 3 days since we arrived & so far everything is good. Just wanted to give you an update so far:

      Singapore Airline
      Had a pleasant flight over with a stop-over in the Novotel at Clarkes Quay, which I would definitely reccommend.

      Yes we had this to. Although we all felt quite fresh when we arrived for some reason we couldn't sleep properly, unlike last year we were falling asleep at tea time, this year we were wide awake & couldn't sleep at all !!! But IMO that might have had something to do with trying to think what to do next.

      OAA & Meet / Greet - Christie Downs
      Dennis & Irene met us at the airport, they are absolutely brilliant. They take you to your accommodation, no hassles & they spent almost all day with us, shopping for linen & food. You get given a load of SA information which is also useful, maps etc & a UBD which is a MUST !! to get around Adelaide with.

      The house was clean & tidy. We only spent a couple of nights there as unfortunately 2 nights in there were some youths throwing bottles, not directed at any house, but it was outside ours , they were noisy & it did disturb the children as they were loafing about on the train lines only a few yards from the OAA. This put me off almost immediately.

      Luckily before I left the UK I had been in contact with a family about a rental in Hallett Cove, which we now live in. Its only for 3 months & the agreement is very informal, but the location is good with sea views & its furnished with most things we need for now.

      This is a difficult one for me. I am finding this incredibly hard. Basically most primary schools will take you out of the zone but the next school up, high school, you need to be living in the zone. Its early days & the boys are desperate to get back to school we are now into their 8th week off & they both keep asking to go back !. Hallett Cove East looks like a good school, unless anyone can tell me otherwise, the boys like it & so do we. We are hoping to reach a decision soon although there are only 2 more weeks left then the schools have a 2 week holiday. I did want to enrol them for at least a week before this holiday but I don't want to rush into it & make the wrong decision. We are also viewing private schools.

      We have met up with some great brits from the forums, who have helped us enormously, thank you loads !. Even the brits in the shops give you their telephone no's, how friendly is that !!

      Roads and Cars
      Its mad !! We rented from Brian Thredgold for just under a week, he was helpful to. We spent a day & a half looking at car garages (up & down the South Rd) We we finally chose a Nissan X Trail, so far so good. You do need to have your wits about you on the roads. Ashley has done most of the driving, thank god, it takes a little getting used to.

      Eating Out & Food Shopping
      Some great places, friendly & reasonably cheap (probably until we earn the $). Woolworths, Coles & Foodland are a few of the main grocery places I have found in & around Marion, Noaralunga & Seaford. The shopping malls are all really clean & its late night on a Thursday which is good.

      TFN/Medicare/Banks/Driving License
      We verified ourselves on day 2 of arriving, that was simple enough with Westpac at the Seaford branch - although our cards are still not here !! so we have to go the the branch with our passports to withdraw money. TFN can be done online, still do. Got the forms for Medicare from the local shopping centre which only need to be processed with our passports - thats next weeks job. We plan to swap our UK license over to an aussie one next week to, straight forward at Christies Beach.

      1st Impressions/Beaches/Suburbs
      Have to say we all love it so far. We have driven around Brighton, Hallet Cove, Port Noaralunga, Seaford, Moana & Aldinga. Briefly around Flagstaff Hills & Aberfoyle Park. Our preference is coastal although the latter 2 are rural IMO, bigger plots & very beautiful but I don't think its for us, although I am not ruling them out just yet !

      Ashley has 2 interviews lined up Monday & Tuesday, so fingers crossed. He still needs to sort out the process for obtaining a license, however, the interviews are with 2 companies & he can work under theirs to start with. Me, well, I'm a housewife for just now & I will be looking for a job within a few weeks after the kids have settled at school.

      Homesick/Internet/Phone Connection
      They love it, no home sickness yet. We can only get dial up internet in the rental due to location (?) but its ok now I have it working. Telstra connected the LAN line the same day I rang them for $59 so that was easy enough. We have brought a $10 cheap international rate ID from the local shop, you get about 700 minutes worth of talktime, this has been brilliant for ringing family back in the UK. Mobiles were easy enough, we unlocked them in the UK & then opted for Vodafone SIMM cards with pay as you go jumbo cap rates, you pay $29 & get $130 worth of talk time plus 100 free texts, very cheap we thought.

      We got them a 13ft trampoline for $242 at Big W, which is a good price at the moment & this keeps the kids happy. Plus skateboards, as there are some good parks around & also 2 hermit crabs for pets !! I must be mad, but they are tiny creatures in a tank, quite amusing & at least they stop asking me for a dog !!

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      Great first reviews...sounding positive! Shame bout the OAA...Where was that based? Look forward to the rest of you reviews!

      Cant wait till i can write one of these!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      hi angela
      you sure sound organised - and thanks for the update!
      it sound like you are settling in nicely and good to hear that the kids enjoy it and want (!) to go to school :D

      fingers crossed for the interviews!

      gosh, you all make it sound so easy

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      great review

      Angela and Family,

      Great to hear fom you about how well you are settling in, sounds like a busy time. Thanks for posting alot of your findings and what has happened so far its very interesting to all of us still to go.

      Looking forward to hearing more about how well your settling in.
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      thanks for the great post, lots of info about the areas, cant wait for your next post.
      making me real jealous reading it, cant wait till it is my turn to be tourning adelaide finding things out.
      thanks for the insight, keep up with the good posts and best of luck in adelaide.

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      Hi Angela,
      What a great post! Fantastic to get such an insight into first impressions. Hopefully that will be us soon enough if the SA governement can get things sorted and we can get our sponsorship applied for!!


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      great post, glad you are settling in, its amazing when you sit and write it down how much you have acheived in one week isn't it.

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      Great to read you are settling in so well:D

      The weather has been kind to you as well :D

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      Good on you guys, you sound like you have it the ground running, with plenty of positive attitude, enjoy your new life.


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      Hello angela
      We live in hallett cove, I know lots of people with little ones that go to HCeast, they love it. I have friends whose bigger kids go to the R-12 too they sayits good. Mine go to Aberfoyle pk high and they like it there so do I (not that I go) Its only 10 mins to get there.
      If you have any other qs ask away or pm me.


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