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    Thread: Adelaide boring? Feeling the Credit crisis - Nah!

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      So relieved to read all the positive comments on Adelaide.
      Having just arrived here (2.5 weeks ago), to be honest we have been a little down thinking we have made the wrong decision to come here as it was a little different than what we thought. I was putting this down to a bit of jet lag, and then for reassurance I came across this site last week only to become even more worried when I read various comments about how boring Adelaide was!

      Now that I have read all these positive comments I feel a lot better that Adelaide is the place to be! Still feeling though that Adelaide is maybe a little quiet but maybe it becomes a lot more of a thriving place to be come spring?

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      Don't know what you were expecting really. I think its a great city and has loads going on. I think like any new place you need to get involved in your local community, meet people, make friends and investigate the social scene. Once you find your feet and meet some locals I'm sure it'll start to feel more interesting. Until then it can feel like you are on the outside looking in and missing the point.

      I know I've seen stand up comedy, live bands, BBQ's, beaches, city, Botanical Gardens, a few museums, the market (fab place to visit, very vibrant and my hubby lived not far from there on my first trip in 2004) and loads more. Plus all the trips out of the city.

      Perhaps also its about learning to move away from the mindset of what you have been used to and accept that life is very different over there. It can take a while to adjust to all the changes and new setting. Sometimes its a matter of weeks, other times it can take months. Doesn't matter if its Adelaide, Sydney or Brissy or any smaller town anywhere, that adjustment can take a while to click.

      Give it time, throw yourselves into things and explore. Once you find neighbourhoods, friends and learn where everything is I'm sure it'll start to feel more like home :)
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      To Julia & Diane,

      What is this showbag hall you's are talking about... Cant believe I dont know anything about it! Sounds like a must see!!!

      Jess x x

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      Quote Originally Posted by jessica_svr View Post
      To Julia & Diane,

      What is this showbag hall you's are talking about... Cant believe I dont know anything about it! Sounds like a must see!!!

      Jess x x

      Have a read of this other thread for all you'll ever need to know (and more that you will wish you didn't!!): http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/...aide-show.html

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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Im saying thank you for the lovely posts as these really spur me on that im doing the right thing (family heading over next year fingers crossed), im in a little lul at the moment, now the excitement of getting a job offer in Adelaide has quietened and i think we all keep having 'moments' about leaving the UK. Ultimately Adelaide sounds just our cup of tea and i cant wait to finally be on the plane to be honest.
      Thanks everyone. nic, chris and Henry
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