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      Gordon & Dena Morrison

      Smile What we have achieved in 4 weeks of being here

      Well where shall i start

      Leaving friends and family in the UK was a difficult task, lots of tears but got there eventually.

      After the long flight we were all shattered and found it difficult to adjust our sleeping patterns. So within the first couple of days we wondered what hell we had done, all crying
      every two minutes and felt lonely and cut off from everyone we'd known for years.

      within the first week we had registered with medicare, got our driving licences,got tax file numbers and sorted finances out in the bank. All jobs that don't take much doing really and simple enough to do.

      the children started school on the second week and really love it. never known them to get up so early to want to go to school. Gordon found work the second week (there is plenty of it) and is settling slowly but surely (they are so laid back here, he is not used to that).

      Aaron found it difficult to settle (16 yrs) but now since being here he has had driving lessons and passed his test last friday. He had lessons with Chris (pm me if you want his number).

      After house hunting since being here we have had an offer accepted this weekend and fingers crossed move in mid october which is great. The final piece to the jigsaw puzzle.:D:D

      Oh and remeber over here they are strict on speeding here Gordon may already have six points (speed camera) so watch out os have one of theseon your back!

      Met some great friends since being here, just need the bbq to arrive in container so we can have a big get together and a few, no, plenty of beer !!!!

      Dena, Gordon and crew.

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      Hi there, great to hear that you're enjoying yourselves now. Think it is just a shock to the system when you first arrive so it does mean you get a bit emotional - although could also be that long flight! Hope things go well with the house and that you get to move in when you want. Sorry to hear about the speeding! I got done by one of those speed cameras too, luckily didn't get points? but a $300 fine! That's taught me to take more notice of the signs, I hadn't noticed the sudden change from 80 to 60 sign!! Expensive mistake to make!!!!

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      That's taught me to take more notice of the signs, I hadn't noticed the sudden change from 80 to 60 sign!! Expensive mistake to make!!!![/quote]

      I have noticed that. The signs seem to be at the last minute from 80 down to 60. It can certainly catch you out if you dont know the road!! The worse one I find is coming down cement hill onto Brighton road, its downhill too!.

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      Hi Sarah, that's the exact one that got me! They had a mobile speed camera in place a couple of weeks ago! Although I should know by now, I hadn't really taken any notice before. As you say it's downhill and difficult enough to stay at 80 let alone suddenly drop to 60 at the same time! Now some people will say my own fault (which it was) but when the sun's out and you get that fantastic view up ahead just before I do tend to drift off thinking how great life is here! Hi everyone else you know those bad drivers talked about in SA I think I might be one!!!!!!

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      Hi Gordon and Dena
      Great to see you back online now ;)

      You have done well to get so much sorted in a few weeks and congrats to Aaron on his test - another driver on the roads thanks to chis

      Congrats to you all on your new home and shout if you need help moving in or unpacking all those boxes when they clear customs :D See you tomorrow

      Lisa x

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      You have done a lot in a month:D

      So glad that you are settling in now.

      It's all coming together:D

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      hello hello!
      i bet it's quite a shock when you actually leave the airport and realise 'what you've done' - but it sounds like you are settling in nicely - and SO much achieved already!!
      good to see the children liking school; makes all the difference.
      and how great for gordon to have got a job so quickly too - i bet that helped.

      have fun now and 'plenty' of them drinks ;)

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      :)Great news Guys glad to hear all is well,you had a lucky win at the weekend.....?!?!
      Cheers Graham

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      Wow, you have done so much. Hope the house move goes well. Should the container arrive around the same time as the move?

      Well Done Arron on the driving test, so much more freedom!

      Good luck with everything

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      Hi Dena & Family

      Finally I am on-line (dial up) but I can read a few posts !! Gosh you have done so well, hope to meet you guys soon, we have met Aaron when we saw Chris, Ang, Lisa, Greg & a few others at the whale watch.

      We are looking for a property so we probably won't be far away.

      Take care
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