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      Martyn & Carol

      No tying this Kangaroo down now!!!

      We've got it! Our 457 long stay visa. 6 weeks to the day we lodged it.

      We finally got to drink the champagne in our fridge last night

      We had had a bad week when I read on Poms in Oz that there was a 6 month backlog - I was mortified.

      But Hey - we are on our way. Thankfully we had already booked next week off to make some arrangements. Its gonna be "wacky races" with quotes for shipping, closing down everything. Mad mad mad

      Just handed in my notice - and now its go go go!!!

      Hoping to travel to Sydney first to see bro and then in Adelaide by end of March.

      Carol & Martyn

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      Congatulations on getting your visa!!!! Can't wait til we can post we got it :lol:

      Good luck with the move and your new life down under

      Lisa :D

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      Its alll go.
      As long as you know what you are doing and Know what you want you will do fine
      all the best

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      donna T
      CONGRATULATIONS - we are so pleased for you - looks like you can do a rcecie for us now!!! :D

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      Many congrats :-)

      I can just imagine the excitement in your house - and the chaos!!



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