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      I think I'm in shock and writing this post isnt helping

      We have managed to have one heck of a couple of days.

      It started on Sunday. We hadnt told the kids about the australia thing as Meggie has a eye problem and we dont know weather she will get a visa or not. So we were keeping it quiet and not telling the kid's! Anyway on Sunday we were walking up to church and Tim (our vicar) waltzes up to us and says " Hi you Guy's I must arrange to come and see you and see how this emigrating things going!" Tim I must point out is anything but QUIET..
      Joey who is of the so laid back he's horizontal type of male, misses all this and carries on is his own sweet little word totaly oblivious to his poor mum going puse in the face shusshing franticly as Tim disappeard rapidly into church in fear of his life! I think he thought if he made it that far he could clame sanctuary.. Meggie however is that sharp she will cut her self immediatly said "Mummy whats emigrating". Oh sh.............oot. We tryed the we will talk about it lator line and Meggie tured into a terrier with a bone she went on and on and on and on and on and (anyway you get the picture). After about 4 hours out of shere exasperation I said look Meg its when someone moves to a different country. My vaine hope was that ,that would be that, and at 8 years old and after 4 hours surley she couldnt make the connection between what was said and us moving. WRONG Que 10 min of tears and hysterics about not seeing her freinds folowed by 20 minuets of bouncing and excitment and cool we can have a pool in the back garden and can I tell my freinds. Then she dashed out leaving mum and dad feeling like a wet dishcloth! Joey through all this was fine he sniggered at the Australians calling your "bm hole" a freckle and wondered what they called freckles!Feeeeew

      Now that for me was more than enough. So yesterday I decided to have a very boaring day and Iron. I was half way through when the phon rang It was the Estate agents.
      I assumed they were ringing up to book a viewing. We havent had any for a while so I was quite pleased but she insisted I sat down! Not a vieing an offer. You could have piked me up of the flood Morgans work shirt nearly didnt survive. I even said twice are you sur you have got the right house! But yes it was a couple who had been to look round in August and offered 15,000 below the asking price so we said no. It appears they have found some more money and have offered the asking price.

      So now the shock has set in. I think they will want to be in befor christmas, we have no visa yet and i am going to have to pack up a 4 bed house with a 8 5 and 2 year old( morgan has no holidays left) get a rental and shoehorn all our stuff int a 2/3 bed house. And still no sign of the visa yet. arrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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      Leanne & Mark

      Hooray for you, Well thats two things, someone took the pressure off of tellin the kids, you're gonna sell your house, AND NO:3 YOU'LL GET YOUR VISAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And who said ironing was boring.

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      wow - well done .... I think! More hurdles jumped!

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      russell 12


      Hiya Ali

      what a fantastic weekend!!!

      You must be beside yourself, its great to have the kids on board too. Ours have been busy filling in memory books over the past few months with pictures and drawings of the Uk and all the things they are sssoooo looking forward to in Oz 9 think it will be nice for them to look back on in years to come.

      Its funny because we too have had a quiet month with the house and then we had a viewing last week and an offer...which we were squealing at. Below the asking but not by too much. Anyway its all going through so fingers crossed. All very exciting as you will know.

      Well done girl and enjoy the light relief ...open a bottle of wine, kick of your shoes and relax a little!

      Louise, Craig Georgia and Millie

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      Congratulations Ali & co,

      Although things may seem a bit overwhelming at the moment you are now in a good position that you know your house is sold and it is another step closer to you new life.

      Relax and enjoy the moment.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Hi guys

      Thanks for the support. I think you are right it has all been a bit overwhelming to much at once.

      Applying for the visa was the easy part it only involed spending money, and I have no troble with that it was the house that was holding us. If that goes through we now know we can go when the visa comes. Time has restored my sanity and slightly calmed me down. Just got all the other bits to sort now and the feeling of things finaly moveing to enjoy

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      What a week

      1. Sunday tell the kids
      2. Monday sell the house
      3. Wednesday book survay for mon
      4. GET ACKNOWLEDGEMENT wahayyyyyyyyyyy

      I don't think me/Morgan or the offlicence can take much more.

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      Good news on the house Ali ours has just gone up so its neva been so tidy and the kids carnt find anything hope it shifts soon i carnt keep this up where abouts in cheshire are you coz we are and i've just noticed you are we're waiting for pr visas but put the house up to avoid any delays at a later date. Any ideas where you may go when you get to adelaide?:jimlad:sorry about the pirate but my 9 year old is looking over my shoulder and insisted
      Cheers 4 now Debbie oh an Nichole(the 9 year old pest)

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      Hi Debbie

      We are in Winsford,Morgan says I should say Salterswall but it Winsford really. Our house has been of the market since Jan and we have had to drop the price quite a bit so we just have everything crossed that it goes through.Have you had any viewings yet? My poor kids got fed up of me wondering round after them shouting like a fishwife about putting things away! How old are your kids? have you told them yet? Sorry 20 questions

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      Hi Ali I know Winsford coz i run a Pre-School in Little Leigh near Barnton we live in Frodsham and all being well want to be in oz Aug 08 .
      We've got 2 kids Nichole 9 and Max 2an a half. Nichole knows about oz and was initially upset about leaving friends family etc but has calmed down now and gets excited when we talk about it if your duaghter wants to post to her she'ld be made up they're similar in age.
      Hopefully we wont have to reduce the price to much but if push comes to shuff oz is our future we'ld have to bite the bullet and let it go for less .
      Where are you looking to go am i right in thinking you've never been we've not and people think we're mad but Ste thinks the future for the kids is better over there.
      I think i've beat you on the 20 questions but its great to swap thourghts with a fellow future pom!!!;)
      Cheers Debbie and clan x


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